What is printed fabric and its advantages and disadvantages?

Printed fabric, also called printed textile, is a textile with printed patterns, including cotton, polyester, etc. The process of printing and dyeing dyes on the fabric is made. Here is a brief introduction to you what is printed fabric? What are the characteristics?

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What is printed fabric?

Printed fabric is simply understood that the fabric is woven first, and then the printed pattern is printed on a kind of fabric, according to the different printing materials and printing process, there are corresponding classification of printed fabric.

How is the printed fabric processed?

Generally do printing, we must first do the fabric shrinkage treatment, and then after the printing, or first printing and then shrinkage will lead to printing color loss, as well as uneven shrinkage of the pattern, deformation, so you can not use the spot to do, only embryo fabric after processing later printing, so that the fabric will achieve the effect that we want.

Features of printed fabrics

Advantages of printed fabrics

The patterns of printed fabric are various and beautiful, which solves the problem that there is only solid color fabric without printing before.
It has greatly enriched people’s material life enjoyment, and the use of printed fabric is very wide, not only can be used as clothing to wear, but also can be mass production.
Good quality and low price, ordinary people can basically afford to consume and be loved by them.

Disadvantages of printed fabrics

The pattern of traditional printed fabric is relatively single, and the limitation of color and pattern is relatively large.
In the cotton fabric can not be transferred to print, and the printed fabric may have the phenomenon of decolorization and defeat after using for a long time.
What is printed fabric? What are the characteristics? The process threshold of printed fabric is not high, and it can be found in various fabric markets, and even the printed fabric platform can be easily ordered!

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