How does the cost of a piece of clothing actually come about?

The clothes we see are usually composed of fabrics, workmanship, accessories, etc. Different materials, different levels of complexity of workmanship indirectly affect his cost, this time we come to a simple discussion of the cost of a dress

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Fabric costs

Design this piece 8 finished, the next 818 raw materials, to produce raw materials, clothing raw materials is very simple, is the fabric and accessories.

Fabric is cloth, accessories are buttons, zippers, lines, etc..

Clothing costs in the fabric is always the bulk of the fabric, in general, fabric costs more than 60 yuan to make the clothes belong to the high-grade products, such clothes sold at least 600 or more.


To give a simple example, a company product general fabric cost between 20-30, selling price fluctuates between 200-300. People who have done this know that the general price of fabric is a dozen dollars a meter, some less than 10 dollars, if the stock fabric is cheaper, that sold by the pound, accessories are cheaper, generally a piece of clothing can be on 5 dollars even if high-grade, like we wear T-shirts all the cost is rarely more than 40 dollars, generally twenty dollars up and down, so the brand store moving hundreds of dollars a T-shirt themselves can go Calculated.


Again, the shirt, the general shirt plain fabric prices are relatively cheap.

Printed, color woven (refers to the use of different colors of yarn woven out) will be a little more expensive, but also expensive to where.

An adult shirt material is about a meter, the shirt is not high-grade here, the same style of shirt high-grade practice can be more than two meters of material, low-grade practice on more than a meter. If you children’s shoes have to wear a shirt, you can put down according to me to observe a little.

Let’s say the color weave it, referring to the stripes, plaid and so on.

If you have a pocket on the front chest, you can see if the pattern on the pocket matches exactly with the pattern on the layer below the pocket.

Next, look at the lapels (that is, the row of stripes with buttonholes) on the pattern and whether the seam pattern matches exactly.

Finally, look at the front and back of the garment (front chest and back) to see if the pattern at the seams is completely symmetrical.

If all of the above criteria are met, then I congratulate you, your shirt will not be low grade, of course, the price will not be low.

If your shirt does not meet any of the above basic standards, then it is a complete low-grade goods, we can refer to the above three shirts to buy in the future, so as not to be fooled by the high price, of course, there are more detailed criteria, I will not list, in general, these three articles are also enough.


Now start talking about the pants, denim, casual pants, western pants.

First of all, the denim bar, generally to the highest cost of jeans, to say that you may not believe, in fact, the general denim fabric is only two colors, a black and a blue, and not so many colorful that you see in the mall.

Surprised, but those colors are how to come out of it, the answer is washed out, all of the finished garments made of denim as raw materials to be sent to the wash plant to wash, so that the benefits of one can be washed out of the various colors that we now see.

Also one of the most important: is to prevent fading after buying back, a talk about washing, there is a lot to learn. Children’s shoes do not misunderstand, this does not mean the ordinary washing clothes at home kind of washing, which has a lot of process, such as foam washing, enzyme washing, snow washing, etc., denim is generally enzyme stonewash, after washing a very soft feel, and will not fade, but the cost is high.

Many unscrupulous washing plant directly with river water to wash, dirty not to mention, and buy back after 100% fading, so you buy jeans back must be washed after wearing, do not think that new clothes are very clean, I can responsibly tell you, new clothes than the toilet clean not much.

I tell you a simple way to identify whether the jeans fade later, is to use a white paper towel wet on the jeans scratch it, if there is stained with color that will certainly fade.


A good pair of jeans key to see how much the factory invested in the cost of washing, wearing jeans according to my following method to calculate: jeans with sandblasting (the so-called sandblasting is you see a piece of spot on the denim), the general large area is 3 yuan a piece, a small 50 cents, with holes I mean large, this needs to comb fringe, generally 1-2 cents a, small holes are put stones and Clothes put together to wash the effect of grinding out, this does not count.

These costs add up to more than 13 dollars, is definitely a high-end brand to spare to do. So I can responsibly tell you that the cost of the jeans you bought in the mall for nearly $1,000 is definitely not more than $70: 32 yuan for fabric + 8 yuan for washing + 17 yuan for work + 4 yuan for accessories + 2 yuan for packaging = 63 yuan.


Come to you 818 skirt, general skirt material with more chiffon, lace, and satin (many people use this masquerade as silk), many girls shoes buy skirt have a misconception that the lighter the feel of the softer the fabric the better the more expensive, in fact, this is wrong.

Take chiffon, it is less than 10 yuan a meter, with printed plus 3 yuan, a chiffon skirt of the regular fabric cost generally does not exceed 30 yuan, the most expensive will not exceed 40 yuan, oh, shock you jump, right, in addition to the skirt process cost the least, because the best to do, generally not more than 10 yuan.

Once a child asked me, the actual cost of 1000 yuan skirt is probably how much?

Generally not more than 80, you count it, satin material similar to silk but the price is a world of difference, satin a meter only ten dollars or less, lace is slightly more expensive, cotton to 20 or so, ordinary on 10 or so, insert a digression: I tell you these because now the good clothes are expensive, want to let you know to understand so as not to buy cheap goods at high prices, but also on the one hand, you can avoid being the sales lady in the mall The majority of them do not understand the clothing, and what I said is for the public so-called brand clothing, please do not take the well-known and senior brands to set on.

So, what is the difference in cost between expensive clothes and cheap clothes?

Why are clothes expensive?

First pick the most expensive to say: a simple example, the appearance of the same two buckles, the cost may be a world of difference.

Why, high-end clothing buckles are generally tested, the most common is ISO, test whether the material is environmentally friendly, whether it contains harmful substances, authentic is to withstand these tests, so the price is relatively high, can not withstand the test of ordinary plastic button price is a few cents, super cheap.

If the metal is generally in 20-30 cents a, with diamonds will not exceed 50 cents, in fact, the price and the bottom, because I am according to the purchase price to calculate, look at the bigger picture we can understand, buttons are tested, fabrics, zippers and so on, not to mention, all to be tested, the full set down the cost of about a thousand points, I mean the raw materials that can really withstand the test, many domestic brands of clothing is Can not afford these tests, often a lot of raw materials that can not withstand the test used in some brand clothing, some simply do not which to test, these people really have no morality, this foreigners do better than the Chinese.

One more reason to raise the cost is the cost of raw material procurement.

Like some high-end brands, the quantity is very small. Generally a style of clothing can produce a thousand pieces is also very high, so its total demand for fabrics and accessories is very small, simply is not up to the minimum order quantity.

So relative to 10,000 pieces of clothing, it is more than double the cost of raw materials, some of the more luxurious will be global procurement of raw materials, often costing only a few dozen dollars of the buckle will be flown to China from other countries, the cost is outrageously high.

These are for luxury goods, so they are expensive is justifiable, but the most unacceptable is some domestic brands, obviously with cheap raw materials, but sold and international prices, very unethical.

Why are clothes cheap?

Again, cheap.

Cheap clothes are only two kinds: one is the raw materials are cheap, but also one is the inventory of goods.

First of all, the raw materials are also divided into spot and inventory goods, take the fabric, do spot fabric prices are on the meter, and the price of dealing with inventory fabric is generally on the pounds and tons, generally a few dollars a pound, a pound of several meters, in fact, there are still a lot of very good fabrics, many people specialize in buying such fabrics to do clothes, the quality of such clothes can be, the price will not be high, the only deficiency May be the process will be slightly worse, because most of them are small workshops to do out.

Now outside the summer clothes material, chiffon and so on, the quality is very poor. Woven very thin and gauze like. Although chiffon is more thin and transparent, but like the current so-called thin and transparent, that is the result of jerry-building.

Inventory I will bring a sentence, I a cost of pants in about 20-30 yuan, the price of processing inventory will not exceed 10 yuan.

I remember reading an article that said the Japanese Crown Princess when she got married, the Japanese Royal took out a piece of silk satin, the thickness of nearly coins, very valuable, weaving process and has been lost, when many Japanese designers did not dare to take over.

My family and I bought one year in Hangzhou to export the silk, is also thick enough to do spring and autumn clothing jacket. These are not to mention, a single outside the market can be common double crepe and soft satin, if just hooked silk is still good? The washed heavyweight silk will not be more, unless you use sharp things deliberately to poke, it is not easy to tear at all.

Even these ordinary have never seen, see what the mall is now selling to the children!

And of course chiffon is not right. I have my mother’s former chiffon clothes at home. Back then the chiffon weaving dense light and soft, unless the color is light, it is not at all transparent!

Now these stalls like chiffon, become this way, is not enough grams caused by the warp and weft density are not enough, before used to weave a meter of cloth raw materials are now used to weave a 5, 6 meters, in addition to like the use of the soon to be composted rags can also be like what?

Besides, chiffon this kind of chemical fiber, originally dyeing is very easy, can dye out very beautiful color, it is not like silk wool like the natural fiber difficult to color, chemical fiber dyeing processing would have been much easier. But now outside the chiffon color flush that called an ugly! This is the dyeing process is poorly caused. To dye no dyeing, to weave process no weaving process, poor chiffon is a pile of broken plastic cloth only!

Man-made fibers originally low cost, plus layers of process all in the jerry-built materials, the cost of the low can be imagined.

Next I’ll tell you something about children’s clothing, in fact, the cost of children’s clothing and adult clothing in terms of process cost is about the same.

Some people will have questions.

Children’s clothes so small, how can and adult clothes work cost about the same?

It is because of the small so the stitches in the car seat running slow, somewhat similar to the speed of the human start, the track is so long not to the fastest speed to run out.

There is one more thing I let you know, the factory to the pricing of each part of the clothes are according to time, how much time to do this part to set how much money, but such a method are not open, only when the workers do by their team leader or workshop director in the workers do not pay attention to pinch the table, oh, is not to see the shadow of exploitation.

The requirements of children’s clothing exported to Europe, America and Japan are much higher than adult clothing, not the process requirements, but to go through various tests, because they have a deep-rooted concept of protecting children’s health, the raw materials must be environmentally friendly.

Finished products out of each piece of clothing must be used to check the needle machine test again, mainly to fear that there is a broken needle in the clothes fall in the child, this is very strict, I have a friend a batch of clothes to the United Kingdom about more than 100,000 pieces, he ignored this link, the results to the side found more than one needle, the guests directly the whole batch of goods do not want, so he lost a lot of money.

On the question of cost positioning.

I’ll give you an example: the same basic cost of a piece of clothing, I can do 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 or more.

And in the good after as long as you do not look close, basically can not see any difference, some people may think I say so a little exaggerated.

I can tell you, not at all exaggerated, a finished dress factory big head only two costs: a raw material costs, a labor costs, the rest can be ignored.

First of all, the labor well, this is relatively short, the so-called labor is the money to workers, because the factory is also divided into three, six, nine, so the price of the factory also has three, six, nine, etc., and the price of different regions also have three, six, nine, etc..

The same clothes in Zhejiang do is a price, in Anhui is a price, in Jiangxi is a price, and the price span is very large, many first-tier cities can not do the order will go to the second and third-tier cities, because the labor is much cheaper there, the number of small will be sent to the small workshop to do, where cheaper.

Where is the cheapest place to work in China?

But! China’s cheapest place to work you may not expect, is the prison, yes, is the prison, of course, there are also prisons do well, but most are very poor, very poor, but there is a constant stream of orders sent here, because the bottom of the price here you can not imagine, some clothes here a worker cost only a few cents.

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