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10 common fabric finishing techniques

After finishing is to give the fabric to color effect, form effect (glossy, suede, brace, etc.) and the actual effect (impermeable, not felt shrinkage, non-iron, not moth-eaten, flame resistance, etc.) of the technical treatment, fabric finishing is through the main chemical or physical method to improve the appearance and feel of the fabric, enhance the performance or give special features of the process, is the textile “icing on the cake” process.

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What is suit fabric and how to identify

Is a suit made of fabric and accessories? No. A suit is made up of three parts: the fabric, the accessories and the lining. Both the fabric and the accessories are quite important, but the quality of a suit is determined by the lining, because it is able to link the fabric and the accessories, which are two completely different substances in terms of their malleability.

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How designers create their own brands

A very hot topic to talk about today is one of the last places designers belong: creating their own clothing brand. I think this is what most students and designers dream of, right? A soldier who doesn’t want to be a general is not a good soldier, and a hero who doesn’t want to sit on a mountain is naturally not a hero, right?

In the end, few designers can successfully create their own brand (designers are originally stronger than creativity and weaker than business), so it is not an easy task, the most important thing to start.

So the question is, how to start your own brand in the end?

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Designers knitting fabric and style design points

Knitted fabrics and woven fabrics are different, one is born with stretch on all sides, one is warp and weft weave is not easy to be pulled deformation. Therefore, when using knitted fabrics, you should choose the right cutting method and avoid some shortcomings when you understand his temperament

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9 problems thinking about Online clothing not do well

As the most mature segment of online development, clothing e-commerce is also facing the impact of change, the rapid development of clothing e-commerce under the exposure of some problems. In addition to what we often say in the mouth of the live e-commerce, private domain traffic and other aspects, back to the essence: online stores, how to deal with the problem, and what is worthy of attention to think about?

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55 Apparel Design Practical Experience

Fashion designer is a fusion of skills in many aspects of the position, the actual work needs to take into account too many factors, such as fabrics, such as market research, such as layout, etc., in which I contacted the excellent designer to do a summary of some of the skills used

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80 Fabric Knowledge For People In Garment Era

As a clothing designer, the more you master the characteristics of fabrics, the stronger your ability to produce clothing, as a custom fabric supplier, contact to no less than a hundred kinds of fabrics, this time I have contact with the fabric characteristics are summarized to you

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