55 Apparel Design Practical Experience

Fashion designer is a fusion of skills in many aspects of the position, the actual work needs to take into account too many factors, such as fabrics, such as market research, such as layout, etc., in which I contacted the excellent designer to do a summary of some of the skills used

Table of Contents

Design Direction

1. For designers working in commercial brands, the style and tone of the brand must be the first priority when designing. You can make a big deal in the range, you can also step on the line to do a little image models, limited editions, but jumping too far will not be accepted (such as the style is too far away), the same circle of similar designs will be cut off (such as repeated development of the same models).

2. brand focus on product mix and collocation, wholesale is a single product explosion route. For wholesale designers, this area is relatively weak, you can collect and analyze pictures to find the difference and highlights of the match.

3. for most designers and buyers, the trend is not to rely on their own predictions, but to choose.

4. Brands don’t need to follow the latest trends everywhere, because these newly emerged trend elements are only a small group of people “testing the water”, only a small number of elements are later boosted by a large number of participants, while most elements will quickly die out for various reasons. We need to catch more of the general trend, rather than the short term elements. 5.

5. The scope and extent of your use of trends is different for different group positioning. For consumer groups, there are also corresponding trends positioned consumer groups.

6. To design a correct direction for your product positioning. For example, color, find the color that belongs to their own wants, do not have to count too much on what color is popular, there are types of customer groups only do their own exclusive, unique logo, which is also possible.

7. clear direction, make things easier to coordinate, easy to combine, and a stronger sense of series.

8. Be sure to spend enough time to understand which styles you will sell well, do not be afraid to use more time, this time spent is extremely important.

9. learn to assume the scope of your design. Know where the top line is and where the bottom line is. What kind of feeling is over, what feeling is not in place, the accumulation of a long time, the design efficiency will improve.

10. designers on the market to have the ability to observe, analyze, lead and develop, (know how to look at the best-selling models, find out what sells well, find out what can still be developed), brand wholesale are. Deep into the market, you can not sit back and enjoy it.


11. Learning to select fabrics is an important step to improve design ability. Many designers are not familiar with fabrics, they pick up a piece of fabric and can’t feel the quality and value of the fabric, which is very fatal.

12. more shopping clothing stores, brand counters, look at other people’s style with what fabric, more touch, feel the feel of the fabric, and then look at the composition label. Then go to the fabric market or find a fabric merchant, find out if you can find. 13.

13. fabric to see more big brands, remember to take notes after shopping malls, what fabric what feel, used in what style feel how.

14. fabric selection and splicing, fabric recycling and post-processing (such as washing, whitening, abrasion, mercerization, etc.), the key is to look at the density, softness, color saturation, thickness, and luster of the fabric.

15. Fabric seasons are roughly classified.

Spring and summer more (roughly grammage range 180-300g): cotton, silk, mercerized cotton, silk simulation, chiffon, yarn, lace, mich, water ripple, crystal linen, silk wrinkle, etc.

More in autumn and winter (roughly grammage range 300-800g): wool, cashmere, tweed, corduroy, maiden, velvet, leather, etc.

More versatile in all seasons: denim, linen, cotton, nylon (nylon), other blends, etc.

16. The combination of fabric and silhouette is roughly classified.

If the style is a silhouette (O-shape), it is recommended to choose fabrics with bone or thickness.

If the style is a slim model (S-type), then the fabric has elasticity, so that it is comfortable to wear with degree.

If the style is straight (H type), it is recommended that the fabric has the characteristic of being straight and not easy to wrinkle.

If the style belongs to the A type, then the fabric must have a sense of bone or floating.

If the style belongs to the V-shaped, then the fabric is recommended to have a sense of stiffness or personality vision.

Fit and Tailoring

17. do not know the pattern of the designer is not a designer.

18. must have a certain understanding of the plate, can not be very fine, but also never vague understanding is enough, need to have a certain amount of practical experience, know the principle of the plate.

19. many big brands for many years of experience accumulated under the layout is worthy of our reference, you can go to study.

20. playing board is not to read a book can learn, must practice, to play the board to sew, know how to wear their own board, only then can continue to improve.

21. structure design is divided into silhouette design (such as circumference, length, shoulder width, lines, overlap, etc.) (is the technology is also art) and division line and province, draw pleats, light and dark pleats, etc. and the basic shape (such as the suit, shirt, T-shirt collar, shirt lapel and sleeve head, the shape and position of the bag, etc.).

22. Many styles that don’t look too varied are almost like playing with pure structural design (that is, pattern design), dropped shoulders, split lines, collar and hat shapes, patch pocket inlay pockets, and so on, which are all pure structural design.

23. The simpler something is, the harder it is to make the design content, such as T-shirts.

The main thing is to look at the color, ribbing and fabric selection, as well as the size, size determination requires extensive experience, shoulder width will be too big to be shapeless, too small will be uncomfortable, how deep the collar digs to look good, how much the bust length is set to be appropriate, these are the elements that deserve serious consideration.

24. clothing sewing, this can not have to be very good, but must not know anything.

The sewing process is a powerful tool for you to express a lot of ideas, many processes need to

be learned in practice. Whether it is hem locking or hemming, which step comes first and which step comes second, you will also know what practices will have drawbacks and how to avoid them, etc.

Outgoing art

25. some patterns to go on the car, there are some under the glue, iron on the stain, there are some pattern content can be customized according to their own requirements, these differences should be clear.

26. hard fabrics generally need to wash, wash soft, but there is a lot of learning inside the wash, like the general wash are divided into light wash, general wash, heavy wash, in addition to fermentation wash, wash silicone oil, bleach wash, stone wash old, stone sandblasting, etc., generally used for jeans or do vintage feeling things.

27. pre-shrink is to shrink the fabric, when the garment will not have a large size problem. This is not considered a garment process, is part of the fabric processing process, but is also very important, if you do not do a good job of pre-shrinking that your version is also wrong.

28. digital heat transfer printing is a very good process, first of all, the expression of the pattern rich color in place, followed by a low starting amount, and fast, low price, can express a wide range of content, but the downside is the need for higher polyester fabric, generally more than 85, all polyester is often seen.

29. digital direct spraying solves the disadvantages of digital heat transfer printing, it can be printed directly on the cotton fabric, full of color, the performance of the pattern is also more in place, but the price is high.

30. Splicing and collage is a relatively simple process, collage is directly to some of the patterns and fabrics, webbing, lace, lace net iron on or car to see the main design point is to clash with the color and spell pattern.


31. Accessories include buttons, thread, brooches, ribbons, ribbons, ribbons, elastic bands, collar decoration, etc. 32.

32. Buttons classification is very much, according to the material points, generally commonly used plastic buckle, wood buckle, resin buckle, shell buckle, metal buckle, in addition to more expensive horn buckle, ceramic buckle, woven buckle (plate buckle also belongs to the woven buckle) and so on.

33. zipper is also divided into many kinds, the teeth size is different has been divided into several kinds, some have sealant, sealant generally has a waterproof function, and can also be printed on the word and pattern. There is a hidden zipper, mostly used behind the female skirt or side, more difficult to find. The length of the zipper can be changed by yourself, and the length of the large goods can be customized according to the requirements.

Fabric Market

When you have a design direction, you won’t be confused when you go to the fabric market, and you won’t be able to look around or get a bunch of color cards, because you know what kind of fabrics and accessories you are looking for.

35. every time you go to the fabric market, don’t spend too much time, be efficient, most of the fabric stalls are usually a glance to know if you need, don’t wander around.

36. Many designers are always very emotional, even capricious, only care about the immediate and not the long term, as long as they like the fabric, do not ask the price regardless of the delivery date, regardless of whether it is in stock or not, first take the color card and say. This is the practice of very naive designers. 37.

Sometimes, although the price is suitable, the quality and all aspects meet your requirements, but the delivery time does not match your requirements, you can not choose.

38. fabric composition of this point many designers will ignore, in fact, this is very important, it directly affects the price, and the effect of typography, success rate, especially the problem of large production, must have the real composition label.

39. pay attention to leave the fabric supplier’s WeChat, personally I think this is more convenient, after all, the phone is often not very good, WeChat communication can also strengthen the relationship between the designer and the supplier.

Market research

40. out of the market research, whether it is wholesale markets or shopping malls, the point: must be sure to must be photographed!

41. market research is a very visual thinking work, just rely on your brain to remember, or even if you write more written records, it is always easy to forget, easy to understand the deviation.

42. for example, the same word: “vintage flowers”, what kind of vintage flowers? What shade? Large flowers or small flowers? Leaf flowers or cashew flowers? What kind of style is used? These questions are not just written, so be sure to take photos at the time, this is the right way to open the market research.

43. Remember to shop with purpose, not blindly.

For example, if you are a denim designer, you have to focus on the denim market and major denim brands. Sportswear designers, you can’t even adidas, NIKE, puma do not know it.

The synthesis

44. watch a wonderful show, or a brand’s collection, do not see it and forget it, must choose a small part to analyze in depth, the show, the collection, in the end what is wonderful?

45. regularly organize their own profile pictures, once a week / once a month, see the bad to delete, you can delete the previous collection of things to prove that your aesthetic has improved.

46. you are in a good company, doing more reliable, growing work, surrounded by good colleagues, leaders can communicate, the company gives the opportunity to go out to see, to participate in training, these should be the fastest way to improve.

47. the weekend after work to see the brand, good products, shopping with the cattle, look at the product, sit down to communicate, etc., than reading a book is much stronger.

48. The ability to communicate effectively with the patternmaker about your design work and transform it into the ideal product in kind is the biggest obstacle for design assistants to cross over to designers.

49. How the designer’s drawing is very important, but in fact, your drawing and the layout of how to communicate more important. Even if your drawings are good, if not marked accurately, the post-work communication is not done, or the interpersonal relationship with the layout artist is not handled well. It is possible that your idea, drawing, review, sourcing fabric efforts, all for nothing.

It is recommended that you listen more to the advice of the pattern maker and pattern maker, after all, although you are a designer, but in terms of clothing, the pattern maker and pattern maker are years or decades of experience.

51. clothing design is actually the fastest effective and useful or hand-drawn. The most important thing is to be able to reflect the professionalism and design level of the individual. Of course, there are shortcomings, is to repeat the operation or coloring and modification on the computer is not convenient. Now is a combination of many aspects, in order to better performance design, effective resource saving, to win the benefit.

52. do design software is really too much, but as a clothing designer, the basic mastery of design software Ps, AI, CorelDraw, all the work can be competent.

53. designers, design assistants, especially management (director class cousin cousin), yes, do the form of “brother” “sister”, if you do not know the form, it is very but off.

54. if you determine to study a design software in depth, then you have to be mentally prepared, others will, you will also, what degree of others, your degree to be higher than others, so you can win.

55. travel, photography, photography, film, etc., you can experience and try to put beauty into your interests. Every thing in everyone’s life is actually an opportunity, an opportunity to exercise yourself or improve yourself. The probability is that people who are exquisite and decent in themselves will never have poor aesthetics in reality, this is a fact.

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