How Do You Do The Fabric Business Without This Knowledge

Every industry has its own language, and this language is generally known as terminology. Likewise, fabrics have their own language and their own terminology.

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In terms of technical description

E-commerce purchasers need to figure out the raw material composition, including the density of each centimeter, surface grams per square meter, the number of yarns per kiwi thread, the strength of the inscribed stretch per weft, the width and shrinkage of the long lining, color fastness, and price errors.


White, black, cream, red, purple, green, gray, jade, yellow, khaki, snow blue, bronze, plum red, dark green, bean green, navy, sky blue, pink, beige, orange, camel

Quality Standards


Testing standards

Color fastness, dimensional stability, appearance durability, tensile strength, tear strength, seam slip, pilling resistance, abrasion resistance, water repellency, water resistance, fabric density, yarn count, gram quality, etc.

Fabric types

There are plain, twill, satin, rawhide, jacquard, rosette, spring yarn, plaid, stripe, double layer, double color, flower yao, gossip, chiffon, georgette, taslon, stretch fabric, denim, oxford fabric, canvas, polyester-cotton, polyester twist, white stripe spinning, black stripe spinning, hollow tooth spinning, washed velvet/peach skin velvet, katan velvet, crepe velvet, glass yarn, etc.

For raw materials

There are polyester, nylon, acetic acid, cotton, rayon, human silk, simulation silk, real silk, spandex, filament, staple, black silk, cation, triangular shaped silk, air deformed silk, microfiber, full stretch silk, preoriented silk, stretch deformed silk, draft twisted silk, etc.


These classifications are very complex, just one of the color fastness, there are soap fastness, rubbing color fastness, light fastness, sweat fastness, water fastness, chlorine bleaching white fastness, etc.

Price Error

When fabric purchase, there will be short yardage and empty difference, generally buy woven fabric will appear short yardage, buy knitted fabric will appear empty difference and paper tube.

Short yardage is less than the number of meters charged the full meter money. Fabric short yardage calculation standard: according to the standard is woven fabric + / – 2%, knitted + / 3%.

Empty difference and paper tube is only for the fabric bought by the pound, and is the kind of roll. As the name implies, there is a paper tube in the center of a roll of fabric, while the empty difference is that there is no paper tube in the center. The fabric with a paper tube is basically weighed, but it has no effect on the number of meters with or without a paper tube. The same kind of fabric, net cloth and with paper tube unit price is not the same, let’s say, net cloth on a kilogram of 30 yuan; with paper tube, empty difference of 2 kg, the unit price is 27.


The language of fabric is important and can affect your business if you don’t have a good grasp of it.

For example

An e-commerce purchasing manager asked a fabric supplier this. “We had a very popular garment last time, but the buyer reported that our fabric was not good enough, and the color loss was serious, do we have a fabric that does not lose color, is light and opaque, and has bright colors?” Because this description is too general, although the fabric supplier recommended to this buyer according to this information, the buyer finally did not find their “ideal” fabric, and returned home in defeat; the seller did not market their own fabrics, their faces are written full of helplessness.

The following is different he is so describe their needs of the product: “color fastness in how much above, can be weight in how much below, color spinning knitted fabric.” After listening to the description, the seller quickly came up with his own fabric samples, and soon after the transaction between the two sides.

For fabric purchase after the lack of meters or weight, you need to ask clearly in advance, after all, fabric supply in the sale of goods may appear missing catties and things. Ask clearly to avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble, you say right?

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