Identify the style of women’s clothing from these 6 aspects

As a fashion practitioner, you must first be able to identify various clothing styles. How do you do that? Style must be reflected by some form or carrier, such as silhouette, line, color, fabric texture, accessories, etc. They are the main factors of comprehensive expression of clothing style.

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Modeling silhouette     

The silhouette is an important feature to distinguish and describe the garment, and the overall impression of the styling style of the garment is determined by the outer contour of the garment.

Clothing modeling silhouette: long A type, short A type, long H type, short H type, big O type, small O type, V type, S type, X type.

For example, the elegant style and romantic style clothing silhouette is mostly long A type.

The most common silhouette in natural style is the short H-shape for easy movement.

Teenage girls and small romantic style are mostly short A-shape and small O-shape.

Urban style, unisex style silhouette is mostly long H type, short H type, O type.

The avant-garde, theatrical style silhouette is mostly V-shaped.

Roman, sexy style silhouette is mostly S-shaped, X-shaped.

— There is no doubt that style tendencies are implied behind the silhouette shape of a garment.、

Style lines    

Line design is also a very expressive aspect in the expression of clothing style. Different styles will have different line expressions.

For example, the following styles:

Individuality style More asymmetric design or structure, unbalanced visual more.

Classical style Clothing style lines are mostly conventional operation, using conventional dividing lines.

Neutral style The body of the garment is more straight, the division line is more regular, mostly straight or diagonal, less curves are used.

Urban style The line is sharp and simple, the shape is simple, concise and low-key.

The design of all lines in the design is also a design element that reinforces a certain style.

Color perception    

Among the design elements, color can be the first to attract attention. Color is always the first thing that comes to our attention, sending a message of avant-garde or classic, elegant or casual.

Urban style

Urban style clothing is more likely to use black, white, gray tones, and modern architectural tones and other simple and bright features of the color palette.

Sporty style

The sports style clothing is more often chosen eye-catching colors, often using bright colors such as sky blue, powder green, bright yellow and white.

Classical Style

Classical style clothing is a more stable pattern or style in modern clothing. The overall style of this type of clothing does not change much.

In general, the main colors of classical style often used in autumn and winter are black, blue, brown, dark gray, dark fuchsia, dark green and so on.

In the spring and summer are common white, gray, beige, etc.. No matter what shade is chosen, it should be based on the solemn and serious style, following the principle of soft, elegant and simple.

Natural Style

The most distinctive features of natural style clothing are lightness, everydayness and practicality. The color requirements are relaxed and casual, and the color scheme can be played according to the principle of color matching. (literary, mori, rustic style)

The color scheme should be mainly in bright colors in spring and summer, forming a clear sense of brightness with white; while in autumn and winter, it is mainly with heavy colors and black, forming a sense of heaviness and warmth.

When color matching, pay attention to maintain the consistency of color brightness, color contrast can not be too strong, destroying the softness of the main color itself.

Romantic style

Romantic style clothing mainly refers to garments that are flamboyant and beautiful, of high quality and with more complicated production techniques. Romantic style clothing can also be divided into court romantic, simple romantic and natural romantic style three categories.

Court romantic style clothing is the most elegant and noble, the fabrics used are more complex and expensive, the overall color is dominated by tones, often dark blue, purple, gold, black and so on.

Simple romantic style of clothing fabric selection is relatively simple, the overall color to highlight the light and elegant, often with a sense of transparency of light colors, such as light pink, light yellow, light blue, etc..

Natural romantic style clothing fabric selection is more natural, often handmade fabrics, the color is mainly based on the fabric’s natural color, closer to nature, the common cotton, silk and linen fabrics such as natural color.

Fabric characteristics    

The impact of fabric on clothing style is also relatively obvious.

Different fabrics have different textures, texture and taking properties, which can be felt by human senses in terms of fabric feel, visual sense and wearing touch, etc. These different performances determine the use of fabrics and design styles, and have different shaping and expressive power for different styles of clothing.

For example, strange and novel special fabrics, such as reflective metal fabrics, coated fabrics, etc. are mostly used in avant-garde and sports style clothing.

Light and transparent chiffon fabrics are mostly used for romantic style clothing.

Brocade, silk and other glossy fabrics are mostly used for dramatic style.

The linen fabric or cotton fabric is more suitable for natural style, neutral style, etc.

Matching style    

The clothing matching technique is the second design for the style.

The same clothing, worn or matched in different ways, has different appearance effects. The way the clothing is matched also becomes popular and is an expression of clothing style.


Silhouette, color, fabric as the most important design elements can express the basic style of clothing image, but with the elements of the accessories, often enhance or change the overall image of LOOK effect.

Different styles of clothing need to be matched with accessories that match the style.

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