55 Apparel Design Practical Experience

Fashion designer is a fusion of skills in many aspects of the position, the actual work needs to take into account too many factors, such as fabrics, such as market research, such as layout, etc., in which I contacted the excellent designer to do a summary of some of the skills used

80 Fabric Knowledge For People In Garment Era

As a clothing designer, the more you master the characteristics of fabrics, the stronger your ability to produce clothing, as a custom fabric supplier, contact to no less than a hundred kinds of fabrics, this time I have contact with the fabric characteristics are summarized to you

Identify the style of women’s clothing from these 6 aspects

As a fashion practitioner, you must first be able to identify various clothing styles. How do you do that?
Style must be reflected by some form or carrier, such as silhouette, line, color, fabric texture, accessories, etc. They are the main factors of comprehensive expression of clothing style.