How to Grasp the fabric, learn to improve, design the model as a designer

Fabric Learning and Design is a designer in the daily work will often encounter some situations, today around the three topics to discuss

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Improving the ability to grasp fabric

Question1 .How to associate according to the fabric

Ladies and gentlemen, I am very confused about fabrics, and I don’t know much about fabrics. When I visit the fabric market, I don’t know what it can be used for in my hand, especially when I look at the small square of the color card, I am more confused, a small piece is very confusing. When I draw the style chart, I also can’t associate any fabric. Do I need to accumulate experience in this situation, or is there a way to overcome it?

Group member A.

You need to accumulate experience, pay more attention to the matching of style and fabric when you go shopping. More shopping, look at the market, to try on, go directly to the large high-end shopping malls, there are major brands, look and touch is possible, thinking should also be open, not just think, if there are conditions, you can practice a little.

For example, if you see a style you like, you can find a similar fabric to make out, or you want to change other fabrics, it’s okay, find the fabric and then make out. Over time you will know what kind of fabric, suitable for what kind of process for what kind of style .

Group member B.

I only talk about the direction, first catch themselves to improve the direction is better. Mainly depends on the positioning of the goods of the company now working, what style? What price class? What occasion? Definitely different requirements for fabric to study the examination. The low-end cost performance fast fashion, Shenzhen South Oil bottoming pants, sports yoga, regular national tide tide brand, etc., the degree of fabric research requirements are different.

Different positioning of the brand company, the fabric of the goods to different degrees of care.

Some positioning does not need to study the fabric too deeply, in turn, the style, color and other partial visual feeling more important. Low-end fast fashion, and the main functional, such as Li Ning sports, or bottoms positioning of a section of the fabric is certainly not the same requirements.

Like many tide brand, the fabric is a lot of cotton, they are more careful about the cotton fabric. Especially T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants such large categories. Other materials, they use not a lot of involved relative to women’s clothing.

Many so-called professional books, most of them are partial terminology, we designers are not professional fabric, do not have to look so deep. On that frame and feel, glossy sense, language is relatively new, to enrich the perception of more layers of the fabric can be, the other is not much use.

Group member C.

I have a partial recipe, for reference only. Look at the market to see the fabric, you can ask the stall lady, but you have to behave like an old driver, so you can get a lot of information Oh.

But to ask the skills, first of all, you look at the market when you draw some makeup, and then carry a big bag, remember to be big, the stall to load the fabric kind of non-woven big bag, you know.

Then, to find the fabric, you can directly ask the stall lady, said your home there is no suitable to do what what style of fabric, to the kind of draping feeling strong point, what feel soft point, blah blah blah, and then will give you recommendations, of course, most of the stall girl does not understand the design, and then you have to say, you this fabric how is what what kind, feel how is what what kind, with what is not quite the same. (This is to you have a certain understanding of the fabric, more Baidu, what composition of the fabric probably feel, characteristics are what kind)

Then the little sister will say look, I this fabric is what kind of treatment, will have what kind of characteristics, you will do what kind of style when what kind of style. So you can indirectly understand a lot of practical application of fabric knowledge.

Group member D.

Fabric has its own aesthetics, the way to master fabric aesthetics is legwork. I have nothing to do will wander around, shopping malls, buying stores and so on. In the past, I didn’t know anything about shopping blindly, but invariably my hands became sensitive, and then as long as the fabric is poor in texture, I can feel it as soon as I pass my hands. As a designer, the ability to perceive the texture of fabrics must be available.

Different types of clothes need different characteristics of fabrics to present. My own method of training fabric category perception is to collect designer sisters’ style fabric information when I am an assistant, organize them on a table, and put the style chart and fabric together, so that I can clearly know what fabrics are suitable for which categories of styles. At first, I was just confused to do the table, but after two seasons, I slowly got into the way.

Learning and Promotion


I am a designer who has been working for two years, but now I feel I have hit a bottleneck, how can I work while improving my professional skills?

Group member.

What I think is really useful to improve yourself is.

You are in a good company, doing a relatively reliable job with growth, surrounded by good colleagues, leaders can communicate, the company gives the opportunity to go out to see, participate in training, but also give you the opportunity to practice, to help you modify the review.

Weekend after work to see the brand good products, shopping with the cattle, look at the product, sit down to communicate, etc., much stronger than reading books.

Know — understand — will use, we read the book just [know, probably understand] this level, to really will be able to use with their own integration, there is a long way to go.

For example, actually read the book only need to spend 5%-10% of the time, and understand the deliberate practice, will use, integration will account for 95%-90% of the time.

However, the vast majority of us are estimated to read the book as a level of learning, spend too much time [learning], and spend too little time on [learning] too little, leading to know is to know, but can not do, the actual output results with the people who have not read the book gap is not large. (Referring to the tool book category, not literature books)

For example, to give you a simple example, to give you out hot, pop, butterfly news these trends site annual fee, is also a real benefit. There are several opportunities a year to give you to travel is also. Domestic exhibitions have the opportunity to go, is also a growth benefit, than reading the vast majority of clothing books.

Filtering popular elements for quick models


How do you design and develop your products so that they can be produced quickly, especially for a whole series? Also, I usually have no idea how to improve this aspect?

Group member A.

We are doing fast fashion, the first selection of the map to change the model. Not in line with the popular elements do not do, the classic models will certainly be changed. There are pop elements, but not the same as the pop models, the basic can go moving. I will develop a lot of look at the show before, and then look at the trend analysis report, and then collect.

Popular elements to see more, you know which is available, generally first set I want to do the style, and then according to the style of a lot of related elements.

Each development will definitely look at, looking for inspiration, basically through all the brands, including their own collection. Look at the time will be synchronized to find suppliers to ask the fabric. While looking at the same time to find fabrics and accessories, and then collect the patterns that can be used, according to the category structure set of fabrics.

The first stage will take a lot of time, but when it comes to drawing the design with the fabric will be much faster. The more prepared, the smoother the back. I do fast fashion, in addition to fast is fashion, must quickly capture the show information and the current fashionable way to wear, because the e-commerce vision is also very important, more sensitive to this piece.

Every single item should be taken into account, including all the matching of this plate of goods. And when you choose the fabric back, you have to consider the entire color palette. Set the color tone, and then pick the right color in the right fabric.

At first it is really tiring to do so, because there are too many aspects to consider. When you are familiar with it, it is easy to get started.

Group member B.

Be sure to do deliberate imitation and analysis practice ah, such as interpretation and reference to the show models. The first may be more trouble, when you have a certain accumulation, your habits gradually developed, will naturally become part of your thinking habits.

Go out and see more products from other brands. Look at the product, in fact, the most important thing is the process, you need to think.

This season’s style is good, why is it good? What are its selling points? If you were to do these styles, how would you do it? How would you go about making the models? How should the colors be applied?

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