Apparel Design First, Or Ordering Fabrics First?

Many designers are very confused by this question.

When designing and developing, should we first find a good style chart and then find fabrics to do it? Or do you want to find the fabric first, then find the style to set the model? Is there any rule and method to follow if you don’t want to fight a messy battle? In addition to this question, what to pay attention to when looking for fabrics, there is no method to follow, there is no experience to share?

— I can tell you clearly, there is!

9 models of how apparel brands can refine their design genes

What is the design DNA of a brand? How is it expressed through design?

The design gene of a brand is the addition of some unique values, a unique accent, a unique personality to the style. Tone is something spiritual. The brand DNA includes: sophisticated, brash, radical, active, understated, etc. adjectives, not nouns.

Commercial designers: 9 essential professional competencies

Why add the word commercial in front of the designer? It is because of its commercial properties. Of course, if designers can well grasp the commercial attributes, this has a very strong ability to support the future career width, career life and career upward path.

Apparel product pricing logic

Let’s talk about the pricing of clothing brand products, what is the logic behind it? As an apparel person, buyer, designer, the doorway behind the pricing of clothing products, must not know.