9 models of how apparel brands can refine their design genes

What is the design DNA of a brand? How is it expressed through design? The design gene of a brand is the addition of some unique values, a unique accent, a unique personality to the style. Tone is something spiritual. The brand DNA includes: sophisticated, brash, radical, active, understated, etc. adjectives, not nouns.

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For example, all Chanel designs reveal an air of refinement:

So, how can clothing brands refine their design genes to be unique and have their own characteristics? I have summarized 9 models, or methods, to share with you.

Refine DNA with stories

(Distinguished from other brands, only the brand unique, iconic things)

Camellia is part of Chanel’s brand DNA, it is Coco. It is Coco Chanel’s favorite flower, and over the decades fashion trends have changed, but the white camellia has always been with the brand, and it can be found in almost every season’s products.

Either the white camellia is directly used as the design element or the white color of the camellia is the main color. Such use is not only in fashion collections, but also in perfumes, bags and shoes.

This is the brand story extraction method, through the positioning of the brand to sort out the brand story, so as to deduce the brand character, and finally extract the visual language.

Refine DNA with single products

Iconic Bar Jacket (Dior suit)

Burberry’s iconic trench coat

When we think of Burberry, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For a long time, I believe the majority of people will think it is a one-sided ” trench coat brand “, or the first thing that comes to mind is ” brown plaid “.

MAXMARA’s iconic coats

Chanel’s classic tweed jacket

Givenchy’s classic little black dress

Born in 1952, the Givenchy brand was warmly welcomed for its clean lines, well-made style that combines modernity and femininity. Today, the little black dress is still endlessly copied.

Refine DNA with patterns

What brand do you think of when you see this checkered texture below?

Yes, Burberry.

This is the power of brand DNA. At the same time, in each new year, this DNA is constantly carried over into the products to enhance the brand perception and strengthen its positioning.

ETRO’s iconic cashew flower, which runs through almost every season:

Comme des Garsons Play’s love heart, the love heart logo goes without saying, very recognizable:

Refine DNA with LOGO

LOGO, which is usually the basis for laying the DNA of the brand, is used to enhance the brand recognition by extracting the DNA in the LOGO and following it to different scenarios of the product.

Refine DNA with silhouette

The A-shape of DIOR, the H-shape of CHNAEL, and the V-shape of BALMAIN are all iconic silhouettes.

Refining DNA with fabrics

Chanel’s tweed.

Hermes leather.

Refining DNA with color

The Anna Sui brand’s theme color is a bluish purple, positioned close to the blue side of the color ring, so that the color has not only the mystery of purple, but also the secrecy of blue. The blue-violet color is also the style of Anna Sui’s first boutique in New York.

Hermès Orange is one of the more famous brand representatives. When it comes to orange in the fashion world, Hermès is the first color that comes to mind. Not only does the brand’s packaging use orange, but also the bags and silk products designed in Hermes orange are the main color, which is very eye-catching.

Hermes’ signature orange.

Kouy’s signature earth tones.

Refining DNA with details

Giambattista Valli’s three-dimensional floating flowers can definitely be called the best among many brands.

The following brand’s genes give the feeling of fairy, and the expression of fairy relies on the transparent glass bead-like detail elements that appear in large numbers every season:.

And then there’s Kasia Kucharska, whose brand DNA is this lace-like thing, which is really lace, but unlike lace in the traditional sense, Kasia Kucharska’s lace is made of silicone.

Refine DNA with design concepts

For example, Jil Sander’s minimalist design concept.

And GUCCI’s flamboyant design concept:

Balenciaga’s quirky design concepts.

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