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There are many elements can be used for pattern. we will list 6 styles as below.Combine paisley print elements.Digital Gradient.Large-spotted flowers.Watercolor Flowers.Collage tropical pattern.Retro Revival

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The beautiful and spiritual plants, landscapes and animals are abstracted into patterns and put on the body, bringing more possibilities and fun to the dressing.

Rich shape, but also highlight the personality of both young and old, to create a variety of styles.

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Combine paisley print elements with wonderful flowers

The simple linear design with vintage tones makes the bohemian print layers richer. Reusing stagnant products and pursuing eco-friendly designs resonate with consumers who value environmental protection.

Digital Gradient 

Eye-catching color schemes move from quirky internet-themed fall/winter colors to bright saturated colors.

Subvert gradient dye designs with contrasting cut and paste prints and irregular shaping. Create a crisp, digital look with smooth gradient effects.

Large-spotted flowers 

The flowers are unconventional in form, not overly flat or rounded. The rough edges and brushstroke marks are visually expressive and distinguish them from the smooth patterns of the past. Concentrated use of bright primary colors with accents of light pink and light green. Use oversized prints to create a strong visual effect, or pair them with typography to enhance the impact.

Watercolor Flowers

A watercolor effect is accentuated by layering and blending soft floral prints. The abstract effect of this print is enhanced by closely stacking various elements.

The same color scheme is the main focus, with key bright color accents.

Collage tropical pattern 

Create a flat pattern with flat vector edges to present an eye-catching graphic outline. Use small polka dots and outlined leaves to enrich the visual effect of the print.

Referring to the jungle landscape and paradise island trends, the use of oversized landscape patterns is more eye-catching.

 Retro Revival

The vintage color scheme of earthy and amber colors can be used in summer designs in harmony with vibrant warm bright colors.

As the number of cross-seasonal designs continues to grow, the prints can be updated in each collection to extend the trend cycle.

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