What is an elegant clothing style?

I used to think that Prada and Dior are for high-end elegant women to do clothes, it is true that time can not only make people mature, but also make people lose the most beginning of themselves. In this regard, Chanel, a century-old brand, has won, and has retained the soul spirit of coco in.

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The general phenomenon of clothing is not only underage so simple, but also full of unisex wind transfer, such as the trend of constant sports style, I really want to label the current fashion “niche, the same”.

It is because of these phenomena so that our aunt and uncle generation, brother and sister generation no clothes to wear, to grab the same model with you. This is not a phenomenon that you should have, whether it is the old cow eating young grass or young cow eating old grass.

Elegant clothing

Elegant clothing analysis begins.

Clothing style thinking logic.

Elegant colors

Elegant Style

Elegant Patterns

Elegant fabrics

Elegant accessories

For elegance, the earliest appearance of elegance should come from the hands of Mr. Dior design, after World War II clothing is always so dead, it is Mr. Dior once again let the girls live again like a woman. There are slender waist, beautiful neck, proud posture.

For elegance we immediately think of elegance, subtlety, and lightness. For these words, we will be able to understand that the colors belonging to elegance should not be bright, nor gorgeous, dull colors.

Tone chart color.

When we look at the color chart above, we can immediately conclude that the colors in the two rows below are too dull, while the colors in the two rows on the right are too vivid. Our color range can be set at the top left corner with four colors.

However, we also know that like p, lt tones presented to our visual sense and is thorough and clean feeling, this feeling is more like innocent little girls, like macarons sweet, beautiful.

And elegant color is already settled color, just like each of us, young we are carefree, no heart, and grow up after slowly settled, become more and more low-key and silent.

We are going to show the color feeling of elegance in the following light to dark respectively.

Although the above color also has light color, but this light color is different from the above thorough feeling, we will feel that the above light color is very soft, like a small woman like quiet, because this light color is the original color plus gray color obtained, while the above light color is the original color plus white, so the two groups bring a different visual sense.

So the color that belongs to elegance is between ltg tone and sf tone.

Elegant style

We have finished talking about the color of the elegant style, and then go back to our second major theme, the elegant style.

First of all, our elegant style is definitely feminine style, for the above, the silhouette of elegant style is long A type, short A type, elegant style must belong to a slender woman, giving a tall visual.

Here to emphasize a point with you is that the long A type refers to a silhouette of the whole body, but the short A type refers to a detail on the clothing to express this model can, as we all know for the whole body, the overall length of the short A type of clothing in the position above the knee.

Above the knee clothing will be more youthful, if too mature style wearing instead will look a little frivolous, for the elegant must have a high-end posture, and this model as a whole is no way to express.

Short A type expression example.

You can watch the small short A on the sleeve above, the small short A on the hem of the dress and the small short A version of the entire top, like this model from the details out when it is easy to show a woman’s sense of elegance.

Let’s take a look at the long A type.

Here to emphasize a point with you is that the long A type does not belong to the girl puffy sense of the kind of long A type, in a certain degree need to have some sense of drape, because the elegant she is very introverted, for too much open long A type there is no way to express this emotion.

Long A type elegant type of clothing.

Elegant patterns and fabrics

The keywords of elegance are elegance, subtlety, lightness and delicacy. Subtle means no exaggerated pattern, elegant means the pattern gives a fresh and small fairy taste, and delicate means it is suitable for delicate and minimalist pattern.

However, combined with these words, the pattern that comes to my mind is the small print.

We return to the second major point is the fabric, we are still the same several key words elegant, subtle, elegant, exquisite.

First of all, we need to find very delicate fabrics, which is the main point, followed by fabrics that can show the charm of women, this fabric also needs to express the softness and elegance of women.

Then we can precisely conclude that the most suitable fabric for elegant clothing style is silk and satin, in order of lace, yarn, fine wool, tweed and knitting, etc.

Fabrics like these will give a very refined and dignified vision, the same as diamonds and crystals and pearls bring.

Let’s look at the elegant type of clothing fabrics as a whole.

Elegant type clothing small details

These small details are mainly found through the elegant type of elegance and end, first I’ll talk about the term end, to be able to express the end of the aura is certainly upward, and is certainly the rule.

So two details are given from the above, one is high collar and the other is symmetry.

The last thing is that we can bring the details of Elegance, we look down to Elegance:.

Key Review.

Elegant style clothing features

Color: between ltg and sf tones

Style: long A and short A type

Patterns: small prints

Fabrics: silk, satin, lace, gauze, fine wool, tweed and fine knit

Details: high collar, symmetry, elegant details

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