Bamboo Fiber Superfine Denier Shirt Fabric Non-iron

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The Bamboo Fiber Superfine Denier Shirt Fabric is a luxurious and eco-friendly choice for men and women’s business solid color career clothing. With a weight of 125gsm, it offers a lightweight and comfortable feel suitable for all-day wear. The fabric has a width of 150cm, providing ample material for cutting and designing various shirt styles.

Made from a blend of 45% viscose, 48% microfiber, and 4% spandex, this fabric combines the natural and sustainable properties of bamboo fiber with the durability and stretch of microfiber and spandex. The viscose component, derived from bamboo, offers breathability and moisture-wicking properties, ensuring comfort throughout the day. The microfiber adds durability and a soft and smooth texture, while the spandex provides stretch and enhances the fabric’s flexibility.

The non-iron feature of this fabric makes it low maintenance and convenient for busy professionals. It minimizes wrinkles, allowing for a crisp and polished appearance without the need for extensive ironing or professional dry cleaning.

The JK woven fabric technique used in this fabric creates a tight and fine weave, giving it a sophisticated and high-quality finish. The hollow stretch feature of the fabric adds extra comfort and mobility, making it suitable for active individuals.

With its solid color design, this fabric is perfect for creating business attire with a modern and professional look. Whether for men or women, the Bamboo Fiber Superfine Denier Shirt Fabric is an excellent choice for career clothing that combines style, comfort, and sustainability.

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60% cotton 40% polyester


125 gsm


150 cm

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