Pattern | Paris Fashion Week & Milan Fashion Week Print Collection

Paris Fashion Week & Milan Fashion Week has started again, giving designers all over the world some reference to the direction of development

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Dream Vacation

Casablanca’s spectacular show focused on resort style. The souvenir style pattern layout echoed the theme of dream vacation, while the glamorous gradient color design was by Paul Smith.

Garden Flowers

The importance of floral prints cannot be overstated. Create a floral design that meets the needs of your target market.

Interior Elements

In addition to artistic florals, geometric shapes and other interior design elements, home furnishing fabrics also inspired the designers of Paris Fashion Week. Please combine diverse interior elements for a vintage look

Beach Regular Wear

Building on the endless summer and elegant resort forecast trends, the theme aims to add summer stripes and painted prints to the look with an artistic twist

Varsity Letters

A key element of the rebellious collegiate trend, collegiate badges are quietly sweeping Paris Fashion Week. Why not subvert the theme by using alternative colors, rebellious slogans and unusual layouts.

Abstract Camouflage

Camouflage has always been a common pattern for menswear. However, with the influence of outdoor time and military style themes, camouflage pieces feature eye-catching colors and handcrafted patterns that are no longer limited to traditional styles.

Artistic Fashion

From graffiti, portraits and portraits to abstract painted swirls, various artistic elements have appeared in the clothing designs of Milan Fashion Week. Fine art and fashion mingle and coexist in this trend

Distortion dyeing

Tie-dye styles are rare in Milan Fashion Week, but designers have adopted abstract and hazy colorful dye prints, aiming to interpret this classic theme in a new way.

Oversized Applique

Giant colorful prints are appearing in knitwear. Technically speaking, appliqués can be used to create any pattern, but this season designers prefer floral and nature-themed decorative patterns.

pigment print

Throughout the runway, floral designs were diverse. However, while most of the designs this season were bold, screen prints stood out with their unique understated style.

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