Basic knowledge of cotton and linen fabrics

Today we bring some characteristics of cotton and linen fabrics, common quality problems and causes, what are the prevention methods and repair methods?

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The advantages and disadvantages of cotton and linen fabrics

The difference between linen and ramie

First, the appearance of ramie products, ramie folds are obvious and angular, linen products folds are larger, natural, and will slowly spread out.

The second is the fabric surface, the structure of ramie is very loose, the gap between the warp and weft of the woven fabric is very large, the fabric surface of linen is very full and draping is particularly good.

Third, when exposed to water, ramie products become hard, while linen products are very soft.

Cotton, linen products common quality problem categories

Fabric shrinkage

Fabric fading

(1) fading average by different place

Description: clothes in the normal washing process even fading, no color spots and color flowers

(2) fabric fading (uneven fading)

Description: Uneven fading of clothes in the normal washing process, with color spots and color flowers

(3) fabric fading (printing and dyeing fading)
Description: fabric printing and dyeing color fastness is not up to standard, resulting in fading

Fabric crack and yarn collapse

Explanation: Garment cracking refers to the stretching effect of external force during the use of clothing, the fabric yarn at the seam produces warp or weft slip, resulting in the phenomenon of the seam off. The yarn breakage is the use of a certain force, yarn breakage.

The fabric yellowing, glossy lower

Description: fabric color washing and preservation process with the original color contrast, color yellowing, no previous color brightness

Fabric whitening
Description: fabric color washing preservation process and the original color contrast, the color whitening, the surface like a layer of fog

Fabric wrinkling

Description: After washing or wearing, the clothes are not flat.

Wet grinding color fastness is low

Description: The color fastness of the fabric in the wet state, rubbing with other fabrics. Such as wearing cotton or linen clothes, rain wet clothes, color mixed into the jacket or bag.

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