2023 Holiday Print Trends

From brooding modern gothic prints to ocean-inspired prints, alternative trends are on the rise. As consumers continue to seek out solid pieces that can be worn for several seasons, take care to balance personalised designs with commercial favourites.

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miss looking view

The visual prints echo the theme of the Interfilière Paris exhibition and respond to the demand for an eye-catching and individual look.

Look to Italian label Gucci for swirling waves or Italian label Valentino for gradient patterns Update checks and tessellations with illusion patterns. Take inspiration from the pavement geometric theme and use it to create limited edition statement pieces that will stand out both online and offline.

repeat patterns

As mentioned in our runway highlights report, regular repeat patterns put novelty patterns in the spotlight as kitsch painted prints become key to the young women’s market.

Utilising the childlike patterns of summer, catering to the current foodie theme, such as Gucci’s ice cream element and Italian brand Moschino’s cherry print birds are a must-have animal print and a key pattern for the 2022 and 2023 transitional seasons, catering to the consumer’s love of nature and gardening trends. Of note are Stella McCartney’s oversized birds, which can be used in place of tropical floral elements.


Cut-outs set off a wave of sophistication and softness, balancing out the vibrant styles that abound this season. Cut-outs are sure to be a key theme.

Create sophisticated layouts with laser cutting and negative space design to create edges or symmetrical elements Recycled design picks up momentum as designers favour single material designs that can be easily recycled, and the gouging process makes this concept possible. Focus on remnants, which can be used to create patches and embroidery or recycled.


The 60s and 70s psychedelic theme appeals to consumers’ desire for escapism. The Italian brand Etro used bold and chic geometrics and vintage florals to create a festival look The psychedelic theme was used in colourful resort wear and festival wear for the younger market, and the trend was striking both online and offline.

Softening the look with a same-colour palette and minimalist layout, for the more conservative shopper Update the striped design with a vibrant new wave pattern and add swirls, see Alessandra Rich’s designs from the London label

screen floral

Multi-coloured prints and screened flowers create a balanced visual effect. More environmentally friendly monochrome prints and jacquard designs are available. Explore techniques such as engraved prints and be sure to offer fair working conditions and treatment when working with craftspeople.

GOTs certified prints developed with the support of the Fair Wear Foundation are also available. Replace plastisol black ink with a soy product or use US Living Ink, made from recycled algae cells, as an alternative. Update the graphic design of shirts and everyday T-shirts by creating a novel graphic layout with individual flowers .


Inspired by summer celebrations, social events and travel, the Vitality Holiday theme is a hit both online and offline The Vitality Nourishment theme brings a soft sunset colour gradient that works for everything from dressy looks to beach wear.

Distortion dye can be paired with watercolour ombre and sharp brights to create airbrushed textures. This is a great opportunity to use digital prints

black and white pattern

Barcode stripes are the new commercial element, adding simple and striking stripes to best-selling styles Mix and match stripes in various thicknesses to enhance the visual effect.  

Jagged lines create a sense of pattern, or with partial patterns, acting as a background for the logo in black and white to enhance the visual effect, and beige or cream to soften the visual effect.

The gardening boom

The consumer’s desire to get back to nature has inspired the theme of the gardening craze, which has influenced both casual and formal styling. All-over prints are created with a twisting pattern of branches and leaves. British designer label Stella McCartney looks to wildlife illustrations for inspiration.

Add landscape prints and appliqués for a niche design with personality For the avant-garde consumer, try a symmetrical garden repeat print, see the designs by Italian label Giambattista Valli, where delicate flowers are used to create a charming repeat print for Autumn/Winter 2023/24.


The designers have created a cheerful atmosphere with their extremely floral designs. Size is key to the design, with oversized floral elements available. As holiday wear returns and consumers begin to stock up on summer clothing, the designers have revived the tropical theme.

   Using lots of detail, including flying tropical Birds birds, fluttering butterflies and delicate leaves in dopamine brights with colourful undertones. Digital Lavender is sure to be a big success in the marketplace. The pure white base colour creates a neat look while also highlighting the striking pattern colour scheme

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