The combination of digital printing and tie-dye

Innovative combination of digital printing and traditional tie-dye techniques

In order to combine the traditional Chinese tie-dye technique with digital printing technology for textile and clothing, and to design modern digital printing patterns that match the corresponding characteristics of tie-dye, the advantages, disadvantages and the need to combine tie-dye and digital printing are analysed. The advantages, disadvantages and necessity of combining tie-dye and digital printing at this stage are analysed, as well as the significance and development prospects of combining the two techniques. The innovative combination of digital printing and traditional tie-dye techniques is used in apparel, home textiles and fabrics. This combination will, to a certain extent, open up a new aesthetic market and promote the development of digital printing and traditional tie-dye techniques, providing a reference for innovative product development.

The development of China’s printing industry

digital print

The 30-year development process of China’s printing technology has seen a second leap forward, with frequent technical activities contributing to the technological progress of the printing industry. The article presents a few forward-looking thoughts on the development of fabrics, digital rod-ink printing and special printing.

Adaptability of digital ink on fabrics

Heat transfer inks are a key element in the field of heat transfer technology. In order for heat transfer technology to be compatible with different fabrics, the rheological and printing adaptability of the inks applied to the surface of the paper base must be studied. The transfer of inks that can be transferred to chemical and natural fibre fabrics onto transfer paper and then onto the corresponding fabric. The rheological properties of the thermal transfer inks were analysed and the relationship between the ink and the printability was determined by measuring the ink density and the transfer paper.

Innovation of digital patterns in clothing

The emergence of digital printing has provided a new way of thinking for textile fabric printing and has contributed to the rapid development of digital inkjet printing in textile fabric printing. This paper summarises the theory of digital printing technology and examines the innovative application of digital printing in garment design.