2021/2022 Fall/Winter Print Trends

Classic and fashionable prints come together in this season with a new twist

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While geometric shapes are growing slightly, eye-catching checkerboards are becoming more and more popular, sweeping through trade shows, runways and streets.

This season, the checkerboard print moves away from the skateboarding style of the 90s and into the fun and playful teen market and the sophisticated and mature women’s segment.

For the on-trend market, it may be worthwhile to use a bright-toned distressed grid to echo the #illusion pattern trend. Smaller scale designs in soft colors are suitable for the commercial market. 

Instead of bold tie-dye and eye-catching animal print, the most popular checkerboard print is used to show the new vitality.

Animal Mottling

As consumers become more comfortable with familiar prints, core commercial styles will break out in an unpredictable retail environment where the look is not always boring.

From unfurling butterfly wings to textured prints, abstract motifs are certainly breathing new life into animal prints. Patterns that resemble animal prints as well as popular #natural textures will be highly sought after. 

For trendy collections, you may want to splice lagging animal print fabrics to avoid excessive waste.

Eye-catching flowers

After several seasons of drawn designs and hand-painted prints, graphic florals and stencil prints bring a fresh take on the season. 

As cautious consumers look to familiar themes and expect to purchase relevant pieces that transcend seasonal constraints, the favored floral print may return to the market in a big way.

Pay attention to bold experimentation to attract consumers to buy again, and promote the individuality of the products in store windows and e-commerce platforms.

New Wave

One of the latest print trends to emerge this season, the New Wave psychedelic line reinvigorates the stripes and becomes the focal point of the youth collection.

numer design is still essential and eye-catching prints with an online effect will be the focus of the design. We suggest head-to-toe graphics in super bright colors for a visually striking look.

After several seasons of marbling and tie-dye designs, this season, the new wave theme has been updated.

 New School College Style

Consumers are increasingly looking for a robust and reliable trend, and the college style has returned to the market

The dark college trend on TikTok also shows a yearning for school life and a rekindled enthusiasm for the studio look. 

This season, bold and eye-catching college-style patterns are incredibly key, such as patchwork thick stripes, volume applique badges, and even alternative and novel fluorescent color designs. 


Following the commercial success of animal prints, it’s worth switching from leather to biotype. A common element in children’s styles, the light and playful pattern design can be used as an alternative to classic repeating patterns.

Classic black and white colorways are on the rise. When targeting a cautious consumer market, it is recommended to simplify animal prints and prints and complement them with black and white colors to create a wearable look that is not limited by the seasons.

The butterfly motif, which can be seen on the youth and women’s collections, returns to the collection this season with a new style.

Whether it’s 90’s style styling or intricate prints, these are essential decorative touches.

A walk in the woods

As an alternative to camouflage, it is recommended to simulate natural imperfections, such as wood grain and hand-painted marks, with rough and messy prints.

For the sake of prudence, it is advisable to focus on full-body floral designs to show the new energy. Use the set design to further broaden the commercial appeal of the theme

For the cost-conscious recessionary generation of consumers, the suit can be worn separately and alone, and is not limited by the season, which is quite attractive.

The choice of GOTS-certified cotton backing and the use of natural dyeing prints or more environmentally friendly digital printing processes, where possible, underline the sustainable concept advocated by the trend.

Grandma’s Old House

Designers are launching authentic grandmother styles, and thrifty dresses that pay homage to a simpler time will continue to sweep the market. 

As the boundaries between the interior design and fashion realms become increasingly blurred, vintage home decor flowers and wallpaper-style full-width full prints will shine.

It is recommended to use the design in a modern silhouette or with a casual look so as not to look too clichéd. For the avant-garde market, apply it to this season’s must-have matching accessory, the headband and over-the-knee gloves.

 Soft Tie-Dye

The designer brings tie-dye to the fall and winter seasons, aiming to replace the colorful and eye-catching summer designs with subtle and intricate patterns. 

Hand-dyed shapes are used, incorporating the trend of careful craftsmanship, while focusing on partial prints at the hem or bust position. Natural materials such as turmeric, coffee and clay are all more eco-friendly tie-dye dyes.

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