Pattern printing on polyester/acetate

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A disperse anti-dye dispersion printing process was developed using disperse dyestuffs that have the same dyeing performance on polyester and acetate to address the problems of poor deep dyeing and poorly defined printed edges on new polyester microfiber/acetate shaped fabrics. The preferred conditions for the dyestuff, paste, anti-dyeing agent and soaping agent in the printing process prescription were analysed and precautions for the operation of the process were suggested. The results show that the pattern printed by this process has a high degree of fineness and a clear outline, and meets the customer’s requirements.


The production practice introduces the pre and post treatment process, the pattern processing technology and the hardware and software operation technology of the printer for the development of silk fabrics with reactive ink digital printers.

The use of printing and dyeing in design

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By applying printing dyeing is applied to the design of garment fabrics, not only can the distinctive personality of the garment be fully displayed, but also can give the garment fabrics a deeper artistic technical connotation. Nowadays, garment fabric design and garment design have been more and more closely combined, and various kinds of fabric treatment techniques countless