What kind of fabric quotation that apparel customers like

A quotation is a business practice document that is used as a vehicle for quotations from suppliers to customers and is often used to respond to customer inquiries. As a medium of price exchange, it has gone far beyond its literal meaning, indirectly relating to the customer's impression of you and your company's professionalism, with a very profound role - to help you speak.

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The quotation mainly includes the single header of the quotation, basic product information, product technical parameters, price terms, quantity terms, payment terms, quality terms, delivery terms, brand terms, origin terms, other information attached to the quotation, etc.

The specific content of the quotation varies from industry to industry, company to company, and product to product. Because of its relevance, completeness and aesthetics, it involves more content and attention to matters, so the quotation must be professional.

A good quotation has three functions

A.Provide detailed and standardized product information

To reflect the product pictures, models, sizes, packaging, payment methods, etc. in the quotation, this information is detailed and comprehensive, at a glance, in order to be attractive to customers.

B.to facilitate customer statistics and summary information

Customers will compare and filter the quotations from different suppliers and select the shortlisted target objects, and submit the results to the decision maker. If your quotation is downloaded and available, then the probability of you being selected and circulated is greatly increased.

C.the convenience of customer filing, as a memo to use again

Your quotation may not necessarily be favored in the first round of procurement, but as long as it is selected by the customer and filed as a memo target, then you may become the object of customer contact in the next procurement.

Format and details to pay attention to when creating a quote

1, in the body of the email put some key content, such as the total offer, the advantages of the company, etc., these are the introduction, so that customers are interested in opening the quotation.

2, the name of the quotation must be the name of the company plus the name of the product, to ensure that the customer will be able to know what the quotation is a quotation of the product, from which company.

3, write the recipient. At the beginning of the quotation written: To a customer, quotation production time and expiration date.

4, in the quotation header part to add their own company logo, name, phone, fax, email, and some of the company’s philosophy, slogans, etc., which is used to enhance the image, show a professional degree of a method!

5, if allowed, you can do in the first part of the quotation company profile, highlighting the advantages, such as how many years of professional production, which certifications have been obtained, etc., the picture of the company office, factory pictures, workshop pictures are put on. Remember, all the pictures appear to be watermarked!

6, the production of quotation form. The price of each part will be marked clearly, including each part of the model, the general parameters of the size, brand, warranty years, etc.. Of course, or the key factors of the offer, payment methods, etc.!

7, the introduction of product selling points, tell customers why your product is worth the money. For example, customers want ten devices, the above for each device are briefly quoted in the table, this part needs to put out each device details: pictures, certification, specific parameters, advantages, the type of equipment packaging, packaging pictures, the number of matching accessories and so on. (If it is a complete set of equipment please mark out the accessories table)

8, many companies have container placement software, if there is, you can demonstrate in the last part of the customer needs how to place the product, the total number of containers needed to show the professional!

9, provide at least two formats of the quotation. The first is a Word document, which is for customers to modify the use of; but due to differences in Word document version, may not open, so you also need to provide a PDF version. PDF version is more formal, is a standard instrument; the best to provide a picture version, in case the customer can not open both Word, and no PDF browser, we have to hope that the picture!

10, no matter what file format provided, before sending must be previewed to ensure that customers can get their hands on the direct printing and use! In the last part of the e-mail to write: detailed information on the offer see the attached file, I provide three formats, Word, PDF, JPEG depending on your computer software to choose the most appropriate format, and I have been typeset, you can directly download and print to use!

11, pay attention to segmentation layout, do not appear a lot of text a large paragraph of the situation, with different colors text mark different focus, plus pictures. Graphic cross, you can make a very beautiful quote file!

Common foreign trade quotations are as follows

1.Picture-based quotation

This is a common way of quotation at present, and is also the key recommendation.

In fact, it is the product picture, product name, model, price, packaging, delivery date and other important content are put together, so that customers can see the price when they see the product picture, the price and product pictures correspond together, I believe that it can certainly impress customers.

2.the contrast type quotation

First, the company’s price of the same product at different times or different products to make a comparison, to give customers a variety of options in order to retain customers.

Secondly, the company’s quotation and other companies’ quotations together, so that guests can compare, but be sure to choose the right reference company, it is best to choose the industry’s leading enterprises for reference, and then according to their own company’s product quality and market positioning to develop their own prices.

This requires you to be very familiar with the market situation of the product, generally foreign trade experienced people with the quotation style.

3.Analytical quotation

This quotation style requires you to give the customer not only the quotation, but also some analysis about the product.

For example: foreign market standards, required certificates, off-season peak season, mainly used to develop new market areas, with a hint of exhortation to customers to accept their own products, so not suitable for newcomers, generally foreign trade veterans to old customers occasionally use the quotation style.

4.the split quotation

As an example.

HUAWEI P9 (Net price): $599 FOB Shenzhen

Above price including all the following items:

1. Charge: Price

2. Leica camera: price

3. travel charge: price

4. Leather pouch: Price

5. Handsfree kit: Price

6. Micro SD & 8 GB Memory Card: Price

7. Bluetooth Headset: Price

The above is the split quotation, the price composition is clearly written, so that customers can understand at a glance.

This quotation style is suitable for the first quote after the customer complained about the price is expensive to use again, not recommended for the first quote, the workload is too large, inexperienced newcomers to use caution.

Quotation 3 big misunderstandings, you committed?

Customers will choose the lowest price

In fact, many times, customers will filter out the lowest price in the first round, especially some large customers. It’s like scoring, removing one of the highest scores and removing one of the lowest.

The price is too low, many customers will feel unreliable, why he a price much lower than others? It may be because of poor quality, or cheap materials.

Customers come to ask for price, immediately offer

The result of a hasty offer will lead to customers not seeing your advantages and features, only a price.

The price is quoted high, there is no support point, even if there is, but your offer for the needs of customers? Price quoted low, the customer may not reply to you, but may feel unreliable.

So, when a customer comes to ask for a price, don’t report it right away, but quickly return the email and tell the customer that thank you for his inquiry, that you value the cooperation with him, that your engineering department is calculating the cost, and that you will definitely give him the best price.

In order to achieve this, you can ask him a few questions to understand clearly the needs of the customer, in order to quote the most appropriate price for the customer’s needs.

A penny for a penny, good quality, of course, the price should be high

As soon as the customer returns the price, without asking questions, come up with learned value sales techniques to customers to highlight their quality, service and other advantages. The problem is that different customers, different markets, different channels, the needs and positioning of customers are different.

When a customer is looking for a supplier, he is not looking for the highest quality or the lowest price as we think, but the one he thinks is the best match for him.

In the industry segmentation and diversification of products, a thousand salesmen’s eyes have a thousand kinds of quotation form. New people want to make their own industry and products, while making customers satisfied with the quotation, must have patience.

In the process of making many times, and constantly improve the details of the quotation. Of course, it is also wise to stand on the shoulders of giants to see the world, to be good at learning from the predecessors of the beautiful professional quotation.

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