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With the improvement of people's quality of life, people's needs for textile products are becoming more and more diverse. In order to adapt to people's diverse needs, Hangzhou patternvvip Co., Ltd. has produced a fibre with anti-heat, anti-bacterial and anti-UV functions, Lotus Fibre, based on many years of research and application of textile materials.

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Introduction to Lotus Fibre

Lotus Fibre is a functional cellulose fibre modified with plant proteins, which is made from lotus leaf and lotus seed extracts and cellulose, through a special spinning process. It is a new type of health fibre that can resist UV rays, retain moisture and produce negative oxygen ions like a green plant, as well as having skin care and body shaping functions.

(1) Lotus leaf: its chemical composition mainly includes lotus alkali, citric acid, malic acid, gluconic acid, oxalic acid, succinic acid and other alkaline components with anti mitotic effects, making it antipyretic, antibacterial and antispasmodic. The Lotus Fibre processed from it has the advantages of breathability, good moisture conductivity, skin care, slimming and improved sleep.

(2) Lotus seeds: The active ingredients of lotus seeds have an inhibitory effect on haemodynamics, inhibiting myocardial contraction, slowing heart rate, dilating coronary arteries, relaxing blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, and having anti-arrhythmic and anti-myocardial ischaemic effects.

The alkaloids of lotus seeds have an anti-free radical effect. Aqueous decoction of lotus seeds has been shown to have a preventive effect on this model by ventricular blood cell aggregation experiments. Lotus seeds have anti-aging and life-extending effects. The alkaloids in lotus seeds have inhibitory activity on ADT enzymes on brain cell membranes.

Features of Lotus Fibre

(1) Natural, green and environmentally friendly.

(2) Moisture-absorbing and breathable. Good moisture absorption and release, moisturising human skin.

(3) Soft and comfortable.

Lotus Fibre Functions

(1) Resistance to UV rays. Tianlian fibre has the function of UV resistance, the transmission rate of UV UVA and UVB of its 100% knitted fabric is 1.54%, and the UV protection factor UPF is 50, which is an excellent grade.

(2) Nourishing moisture. Water is the source of life, moisture is the first element of beautiful skin, whitening, sun protection, oil control, anti-acne, anti-aging are all done on the basis of hydrated skin, moisture reduction has become the main source of skin ageing, whether the skin cells are full and rich; whether the skin texture is smooth and soft; whether the skin tone is crystal clear, all depends on the amount of moisture content in the skin, Tianlian fiber is rich in a large number of hydrophilic base, can lock for your skin It locks in a lot of moisture for your skin and keeps your skin in a moisturised and healthy state.

(3) Beauty, skin care and body shaping. Tianlian fibre decomposes the free radicals produced by the body, eliminating skin fatigue and thus strengthening and consolidating skin cells to keep them young, as well as inhibiting the body’s fat cells from becoming more numerous, thus Tianlian fibre has a certain body-shaping function and keeps people in a healthy shape. (4) Negative oxygen ions. Tianlian fibre has been tested by the National Textile Industry Quality Supervision Centre and has a concentration of 5500 negative oxygen ions/CM, just like the air quality at the edge of the forest, which can be imagined as wearing the forest on the body, which is beneficial to the body’s immunity.

Market Applications of Lotus Fibre

Biomass functional Lotus protein fibres can be mixed with cotton fibres, Tencel fibres, Modal fibres, bamboo fibres, wool and silk in certain proportions, using a unique spinning process to make a series of Lotus protein fibre yarns, which have the excellent functions of Lotus protein fibres, while at the same time incorporating the characteristics of Lotus, Modal and other fibres. The non-woven masks made from Lotus protein fibres absorb dirt and oil from deep within the face, leaving the face fresh, bright and refreshed after use. The unique properties of biomass functional Lotus and the ease of spinning and processing make it a product with broad market potential.

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