What is acetate fabric? How to wash it

Acetate fiber is an artificial fiber, a semi-synthetic fiber material, is cellulose acetate fiber formed by spinning after cellulose and acetic anhydride reaction to get cellulose acetate. Acetate fiber, also known as acetate fabric, which is often referred to as acetate fabric, commonly known as acetic acid fabric, also known as Yasha, is the Chinese harmonic reading of the English ACETATE.

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What is acetate fabric?

Acetate fabric, commonly known as acetate fabric, is a pure natural wood pulp fiber refined from the highest quality coniferous pulp and manufactured with leading textile technology, with bright colors, bright appearance, soft and comfortable contact, luster and function are close to mulberry silk.

What are the characteristics of acetate fabric? Compared with cotton, hemp and other natural fabrics, acetic acid fabric is very good in moisture absorption and breathability, resilience, no static electricity and hairball, skin-friendly and comfortable, very suitable for the manufacture of noble gift clothes, silk scarves and so on. Together, acetate fabric can also be used to replace natural silk thick, manufacturing a variety of senior brand fashion lining, such as coats, leather coats, ceremonial clothes, cheongsam, wedding dresses, Tang dresses, winter dresses, etc.! Acetic acid fabric has good dyeing property and can be dyed with disperse dyes, with good coloring function and bright colors, which is better than other cellulose fibers. Acetic acid fabric has good thermoplasticity. Acetate fiber softens at 200℃ ~ 230℃ and melts at 260℃, similar to synthetic fiber, and its shape will not return after plastic deformation, so it has deformation permanence. Acetate fabric has good formability, can beautify the body curve, all generous and elegant.

How to wash the clothes made of acetic acid?

Acetic acid fabric clothes in fact dry cleaning and washing can be, its only point is not acid resistance, so you use water washing, do not let the detergent is acidic, expensive clothes try to choose to use neutral class detergent, or silk and wool detergent wash is good, dry cleaning, you need to use a clean oil to dry cleaning, all see black ingredients inside, and therefore to analyze the composition of black, if it is leather The operation process is not the same.

Specific steps are as follows.

The first step is to soak in clean water for 10 minutes. The natural temperature of the water is good, must not use hot water, because hot water is easy to let the stain melt into the clothing fiber, or scalding material.

The second step, fish out and put in detergent, stir well, and then put in the clothing, so that it is fully in contact with the washing solution.

Step 3, soak for 10 minutes. Note that if the washing instructions do not allow soaking, you should follow the instructions.

Step 4, stir and rub in the solution repeatedly, lightly rubbing with soap in particularly dirty areas. Wash off the solution, about 3 or 4 times to wash off.

Step 5, if more dirty or stubborn stains: first use a small brush dipped in gasoline to gently brush and scrub to remove the grease, then wash off with a warm detergent solution; you can use sparkling mineral water or soda water for mixing drinks, pour it on a clean cloth and tap the area with the marks, very effective.

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