Warp knitted fabric variety collection

Warp knitted fabrics are often made of polyester, nylon, polypropylene and other synthetic filaments as raw materials, but also with cotton, wool, silk, hemp, chemical fibers and their blended yarns as raw materials for weaving. Common warp knitted fabrics are often woven with braided chain organization, warp flat organization, warp satin organization, warp diagonal organization and so on. Fancy warp knitted fabrics, many kinds of common mesh fabrics, terry fabrics, pleated fabrics, plush fabrics, lining weft fabrics, etc.. Warp knitted fabric has the advantages of good longitudinal dimensional stability, brace, disperse small, not rolled edge, good air permeability, etc., but its lateral extension, elasticity and softness is not as good as weft knitted fabrics.

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Warp-knitted jacquard fabrics

The jacquard fabric is often made of natural and synthetic fibers and knitted on warp knitting machines. After dyeing and finishing, the fabric has a clear pattern, three-dimensional feeling, stiff hand, variable flower shape and good drapability. It is mainly used for making ladies’ outerwear, underwear and skirts, etc.

Warp knit terry fabrics

Warp knitting terry fabric is a synthetic fiber for the ground yarn, cotton yarn or cotton, synthetic fiber blended yarn for the lining weft yarn, natural fibers, renewable fibers, synthetic fibers for terry yarn, using terry organization woven single-sided or double-sided terry fabric. This kind of fabric feel rich and thick, cloth body firm and thick, elasticity, moisture absorption, good warmth, terry structure is stable, with good performance of taking. Mainly used for making sportswear, lapel T-shirt, pajama pants, children’s clothing and other fabrics.

Warp knitted velvet fabric

Raschel is used to weave a double-layer fabric consisting of a base cloth and a plush yarn, using recycled fiber, synthetic fiber or natural fiber as the yarn for the base cloth and acrylic, etc. as the plush yarn, and then cutting the pile by a pile-cutting machine to become two single-layer silk pile. According to the condition of the pile surface, it can be divided into flat pile, striped pile, color woven pile, etc. A variety of pile surface can be crossed in the fabric layout at the same time, forming a variety of colors. This kind of fabric surface pile dense towering, feel thick and rich, soft, elastic, good warmth. Mainly used for making winter clothing, children’s clothing, etc.

Warp knitted mesh fabrics

Warp knitted mesh fabric is made of synthetic fiber, recycled fiber, natural fiber as raw material, using changes in warp flat organization and other weaving, forming square, round, diamond, hexagonal, column bar, corrugated holes on the surface of the fabric, the size of the holes, distribution density, distribution state can be determined according to the need. The fabric is made by bleaching and dyeing. The texture of clothing mesh fabric is light and thin, with good elasticity and breathability, smooth and soft to the touch. Mainly used as summer men’s and women’s shirts fabric, etc.

Warp knitted pile fabrics

Warp knitting pile fabric is often made of polyester silk and other synthetic fibers or viscose silk as raw materials, using the braided chain organization and change warp pile organization interweaving. The fabric is processed by the brushing process, the appearance is like tweed, full of pile, cloth body is close and thick, feel brace soft, fabric drape good, easy to wash, quick dry, non-iron, but in use static electricity accumulation, easy to absorb dust. Warp knitting pile fabric has many varieties, such as warp knitting suede, warp knitting golden velvet, etc.. Warp knitting pile fabric is mainly used for making winter men’s and women’s coats, trench coats, tops, pants, etc.

Warp knitted polyester fabric

It is woven with low stretch polyester yarn of the same denier or interwoven with low stretch yarn of different denier, and the common tissue is warp and flat tissue combined with warp and pile tissue. The fabric is then dyed and processed to form plain fabric, its color has plain hidden stripes, hidden lattice, plain bright stripes, bright lattice, plain dark flowers, bright flowers, etc.. This kind of fabric has flat surface, bright color, thick type, medium thick type and thin type. The thin type is mainly used to make shirts and skirts; the medium-thick type and thick type fabrics can make men and women’s coats, trench coats, tops, suits, pants, etc.

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