Summary of 40+ Apparel Fabric

Fabric has always been a frequently used material in the material arsenal of clothing designers. However, the use of fabrics for clothing is extremely lacking in product design. In recent years in 3C digital products, fabrics combined with plastic materials have started to appear, often used to create a warm, comfortable design language that is very popular with consumers.

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Natural fabrics


A vegetable fibre, known as a cool fibre, it absorbs moisture well and discharges it quickly, is less prone to static electricity, has a high heat transfer and dissipates heat quickly.

In garment design, its properties are that it is cool to wear, does not stick to the body after sweating, is more resistant to washing and has good heat resistance.

Summer Fabric

A traditional Chinese textile with a clean white colour and soft lustre.

In garments, it is sweat-free and cool to wear.

Man-made fabrics

Man made cotton (viscose)

Processed from wood, cotton staple, reeds and other materials containing natural cellulose chemical materials, it has the basic properties of natural fibres, good dyeing performance, good fastness, soft fabric, high specific gravity, good drape and good moisture absorption.

It is cool to wear on clothing and is not easy to produce static electricity, lint and pilling.

Acetate Fibre

Made from natural materials containing cellulose that have been chemically processed to give a silk style.

In garments, it is light and comfortable to wear, has good elasticity and elastic recovery properties, but should not be washed and has poor colour fastness.


It is a polyester fibre with excellent elasticity and recovery, the fabric is stiff, wrinkle-free, good conformability, high strength, good elasticity, durable and excellent light resistance, but easy to produce static electricity and poor dust and moisture absorption.


The base material is polyamide fibre, also known as nylon. The dyeability is better in synthetic fibres, it is light to wear and has good waterproof and windproof properties, high abrasion resistance and good strength and elasticity.


Appearance like wool, silk or cotton, waxy feel and lustre, elasticity and recovery are generally not easy to wrinkle, small specific gravity, light.

Good comfort on garments, can transfer sweat faster to keep the skin comfortable, strength and abrasion resistance are relatively good durability, not high temperature resistance.


Excellent elasticity, also known as spandex, also known as Lycra, good elasticity, smooth feel, low moisture absorption, good weather and chemical resistance, machine washable, poor heat resistance.


Commonly known as “artificial wool”, it is soft, warm and strong, with a flat surface, tight structure, not easily deformed and minimal shrinkage after washing.

Tweed fabrics


Also known as wadding, it feels smooth and solid, with a dense and elastic texture and a smooth, flat surface with a soft, natural colour.

Thin tweed

Light and thin texture, smooth to the touch, comfortable to wear, stiff, moisture-wicking and breathable.

Cloth fabrics

Crepe fabric

Crinkled and uneven, also known as walnut tweed, light and soft, smooth and novel, easy to dye.

Oxford fabric

A characteristic cotton fabric with a soft hand, natural lustre, many air holes on the fabric, comfortable to wear and good flattening and conformability.


Denim/coarse count yarn twill cotton, commonly known as denim, is more common. A fabric made from cotton indigo dyed warp yarns interwoven with natural coloured weft yarns in a three up one down right twill pattern. It has a thick texture, is moisture permeable, breathable and comfortable to wear.

Velvet fabrics


Soft to the touch, rounded and straight, with a clear pattern, full of pile and a firm, hard-wearing texture.


Soft to the touch, warm and comfortable to wear, with a soft colourful fabric appearance.


Lightweight and warm, it is a unique and rare animal fibre, known abroad as “fibre diamond” and “soft gold”, and is soft, slim, smooth, thin, elastic and has a natural soft colour and good moisture absorption. Good abrasion resistance.

Animal fur fabrics

Rabbit fur

Small specific gravity, good warmth, elasticity, moisture absorption, softness, warmth, beauty, etc., poor huggability, low strength, easy to fall hair.


High degree of elasticity, high recovery rate, good wrinkle resistance, good abrasion resistance and moisture absorption, stain resistance, good dyeability, no shrinkage and not easily felted

Camel fleece

Lighter colour, weak lustre, smooth and soft hand, good elasticity and strength, good warmth and good abrasion resistance.

Woolen fabrics

Worsted woollen fabrics

Clear weave, bright and soft colours, dense texture, soft hand, stiff and elastic.

Rough woollen fabrics

Thick, rich and firm to the touch, not easily deformed, good warmth.

Loose and light woollen fabric

Relaxed and soft, loose in structure, light in weight, soft to the touch, elastic and breathable, comfortable to wear.


A coarse woollen fabric with a rich feel, a fine, clean and flat surface, a firm, elastic, wear-resistant and non-pilling body, and a soft, beautiful colour.

Interwoven hemp fabric

Belonging to the polyester fibre, it has excellent elasticity and recovery, the fabric is stiff, wrinkle-free, good conformability, high strength, good elasticity and good durability and excellent light resistance, but it is easy to produce static electricity and poor dust and moisture absorption.

Silk fabrics


Recognised worldwide as a luxurious natural fibre, it is a high-class textile material with high tenacity, fine and soft fibres, smooth and elastic, good moisture absorption, lustrous fabrics, a unique “silk sound” feeling, smooth and comfortable to wear, elegant and luxurious.

Imitation silk

It is a polyester fibre with excellent elasticity and repulsive properties. The fabric is stiff, non-wrinkled, good conformability, high strength, good elasticity, durable and light resistant, but prone to static electricity and poor dust and moisture absorption.


It is an environmentally friendly fibre (Lyser fibre), which is protected with all the characteristics of natural fibres by a high-tech process in the process of purification and spinning, and is highly hygroscopic and breathable, with draping, smooth silk and bright dyeing. Repeatedly washed and sun-dried, it does not lose its many health functions and is not easy to pilling.

Mulberry silk

A natural animal protein fibre, smooth, soft and lustrous, with a warm winter and cool summer feeling, a unique “silk sound” when rubbed, good extensibility, good heat resistance, not resistant to salt water leaching, not suitable for treatment with chlorine bleach or detergent.


A fine, soft texture with a smooth, bright and delicate surface.

Tribute satin

Smooth surface, delicate, soft hand, good lustre, bright colour, good elasticity texture tight and not easy to deform.

Mercerised cotton

It has a silk-like lustre, high colour fastness and a good feel, with the breathable softness and moisture absorption of cotton, and the smooth and bright characteristics of silk.

Blended fabrics

Bamboo fibre

An environmentally friendly fibre, bamboo has antibacterial and anti-purple characteristics, in the fibre purification process with high-tech technology to protect with natural antibacterial and anti-bacterial, deodorant and anti-ultraviolet substances, with strong breathability, fabric drape, silk smooth, bright dyeing, antibacterial, deodorant, anti-ultraviolet, repeated washing and drying also does not lose many functions.

Polyester and linen blend

Polyester is not easily deformed, no pilling, good strength of hemp, good lustre, not easy to fade, polyester and linen blend to make up for some of the shortcomings of the fabric, good moisture absorption, comfortable to wear, easy to wash and dry, reduce wrinkling, pilling.

Hemp-cotton blend

Cotton has good moisture absorption, good dyeing, good warmth, hemp has high strength, good natural lustre, bright dyeing, not easy to fade, good heat resistance, hemp-cotton blend, the appearance of cotton fabric is not as clean but good lustre, a sense of softness, more refreshing, good heat dissipation, not easy to fade.

Polyester-cotton blend

It can make up for the beauty of polyester’s small moisture absorption and breathable comfort, with a glossy appearance, thick feel, elasticity, solidity and durability, and good conformability.

Polyester-silk blend

It has both the softness of wool and the smoothness of silk, with a soft, bright lustre, bracing, non-iron, firm and durable. Elasticity and less shrinkage than pure silk.


A wool blend of polyester with a glossy surface, light texture, crisp feel, stiff and wrinkle-free, easy to wash and dry, and good wearability.

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