96% polyester 4% spandex 200 gsm twill fabric

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Shoot in kind, keep the true color of the product under more natural light, and reduce the chromatic aberration. Selected high-end fashion fabrics, natural materials, low-carbon environmental protection, skin-friendly and comfortable, suitable for high-quality garments. The company’s products are not sold through any intermediary channels, which greatly reduces procurement costs for you. This fabric is available in stock for a long time. If you need a large number of products, please contact the business.Keep up with the times and prepare enough popular colors in the market, welcome to buy


patternvip is a professional clothing fabric company, specializing in the production of polyester, silk, satin rayon, poplin, and other fashion fabrics

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96% polyester 4% spandex


200 gsm


150 cm

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Accept OEM for your custom Color

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