62% Acetate 38% polyester 118 gsm

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This is an acetate and polyester blend that ensures the luster and quality feel of acetate fabrics, while optimizing the durable properties of acetate through the polyester component, with a pleasant luster and smoothness that is sure to create a distinctive style. One of the earliest man-made fibers, acetate is highly prized for its luster, durability and crisp drape suitable for pleating. It can be designed for voluminous skirts and ball gowns as well as crisp pants or shorts. It is opaque and does not require lining, but can still add extra structure.


Start your own custom fabric, print your unique pattern and create a unique fabric for your project your fabric business or even your apparel brand.

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62% Acetate 38% polyester


118 gsm


150 cm

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