How to grasp the emotional style of patterns in commercial design

In commercial design, do you have a clear grasp of the emotions expressed by the patterns? Is your pattern selection accurate enough? How can we choose patterns wisely and form a sharp style contrast? The topic of this post is how to grasp the pattern style of clothing Patterns can be divided into the following categories by shape.Patterns can be divided into the following categories by shape.

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6 type of pattern style

Flower and leaf

Romantic, feminine → Representative motifs: Large flowers and leaves Fresh, feminine → Representative motif: small flowers and leaves

Texture patterns

Wild and spirited → Representative motifs: Animal motifs

Conservative, traditional → representative pattern: traditional pattern

Animal print, including leopard print, snake print, tiger print, etc., the pattern comes with a sense of originality, and the emotional feeling is wild and unrestrained, and people with an extroverted personality wear it more often, while people with an introverted personality wear it less often, especially when it is used in a large area.

The traditional pattern, including paisley rosette, Persian pattern, etc., the pattern comes with a sense of maturity, because generally the traditional pattern lines are curved, the general mood is conservative, traditional and feminine.

Polka dots

Romantic and dramatic → Representative pattern: Big polka dot

Girlish, gentle → Representative pattern: Small polka dots

Big polka dots bring us more exaggerated and more feminine, so the emotional style of big polka dots is romantic and dramatic. Small polka dots are full of youthfulness and sense of rules, so the clothing style of small polka dots is girlish and svelte.

Stripes and line

Natural, atmospheric → Representative pattern: Wide strip

Classic, neutral → Representative pattern: Narrow stripes

The mood of wide stripes is natural and atmospheric, and the stripes themselves carry a sense of leisure. However, there are not many wide stripes in the design application, after all, the audience is relatively narrow.

Narrow stripes are different, belong to the classic can not be one of the classic pattern. And almost regardless of men, women and children can wear.

Plaid or check

Classic, atmospheric → Representative pattern: large plaid

Young, student → representative pattern: small plaid

Big plaid is similar to the classic plaid of Bobberley, taking the route of British style, characterized by atmosphere and elegance, reflecting the gentlemanly style and aristocratic temperament, with the taste of British college style, so the emotional feeling is classic, atmospheric and more mature.

Small plaid is different, on the delicate, young, this taste like the rule of small polka dots, all will bring us have a young student atmosphere.

Writing with abstract

Natural, moody → Representative pattern: Writing

Modern, neutral → Representative pattern: Geometric

The pattern of the written type is often associated with the literary style, so the mood is natural and moody.

Geometric patterns have retro and modern meanings, and they are the type with conflict, with a strong sense of fashion and a modern and neutral mood.


How choose patterns the right style of women’s clothing

Maiden style

Characteristics: Kind, cute, looks much younger than her actual age, with some kind of innocence, emphasizing a sense of subtlety and delicacy.

Suitable patterns: small polka dots, cute little flowers, pinstripes, fine grid, medium grid, small broken flowers, small animals, cartoon patterns.

Elegant style

Features: with a stronger feminine flavor, gentle, elegant, ethereal, quiet, soft, delicate.

Suitable patterns: gentle, soft patterns, medium-sized flowers or plaids, unevenly arranged, bumpy, curved shapes.

Romantic style

Features: charming, enchanting, with style, fairy.

Suitable for patterns: suitable for large flowers, lace decoration, curved sense of strong.

Unisex style

Features: lively, handsome, competent, spontaneous, simple, refreshing, masculine dressing but can bring out the charm of women

Suitable patterns: vertical stripes, fine grids, patterns with personality.Suitable patterns: vertical stripes, fine grids, patterns with personality.

Modern Style

Features: fashionable, modern, special, unique, standard, advanced technology, quirky, cool, vibrant, overall emphasis on fashionable and unique, very personal charm of the style.

Suitable pattern: follow the trend of the pattern, unique shape, personality, the pattern of the cut to be very clear.

Classic style

Features: dignified, stable, exquisite, strict, noble, offbeat, traditional, top quality.

Suitable for patterns: small and delicate geometric patterns, small stripes, small checks, houndstooth checks, thousand bird patterns, herringbone tweed patterns.

Natural style

Characteristics: Generous, spontaneous, cordial, competent, pure, easy-going, can wear casual clothes with style.

Suitable patterns: large plaid, large wide stripes, batik, tie-dye, large prints, graphics from nature.

Theatrical style

Features: exaggerated, eye-catching, flamboyant, magnificent, atmospheric, visual impact, strong presence.

Suitable patterns: bold, clear, contrasting, leopard print, beast skin print, geometric patterns, block divided, isometric, wide stripes, large plaid, large embroidery pattern.

Of course, the same pattern applied to different styles, colors, fabrics, the style mood will also change. Even if the same type of color, in different styles, textures, the performance of the pattern will be more or less in the feeling of the difference. So here are assumed to be the same material, the same tone of the premise.

women’s fashion patterns and shapes, colors and fabricsrelationship

pattern and women’s fashion modeling

Women’s fashion modeling is the basis of the overall image, to a large extent, limit the pattern of women’s fashion pattern pattern and style tendency. Women’s fashion patterns must accept the limitations of the clothing modeling, and the corresponding form to reflect.

Women’s fashion modeling is the basis of the overall image, to a large extent, limit the pattern pattern of women’s fashion and style tendency. Women’s clothing patterns must accept the limits of the clothing modeling, and to reflect the corresponding form.

Women’s clothing patterns should be based on different clothing modeling, in the form of corresponding changes to the most relevant form into the form of clothing modeling, to maintain a consistent tendency in the form.

For example, loose large silhouette, due to the large amount of pine, while the need to show a certain aura, so its pattern can be more atmospheric, the color can also be selected bright and bright. Modeling tight and slender clothes, it is not recommended to use too big space hole pattern, it is recommended to choose the compact and delicate:

Women’s patterns also need to be suitable with the structure of the garment, such as mounted sleeve garment front piece area is larger, the pattern form can be relatively free, but if it is inserted into the shoulder sleeve, it is recommended that the pattern on the sleeve, or the use of curved, free-form pattern, to avoid the pattern brings a sense of constraint:.

women’s clothing patterns and clothing colors relationship

Clothing color has a very big impact on women’s clothing patterns.

When the color of the clothing is relatively gray, usually use more eye-catching pattern design to break the dullness brought about by the color and increase the level of clothing.

Local decoration can set off the color of clothing, in general, the color is calm or color change less clothing, the pattern can be more, more complex, as long as the pattern is used properly, you can echo with the color of clothing:

The color, size and arrangement form of the pattern bring different visual impact, can guide the line of sight, form a decorative center, and show a bright and colorful visual effect on the garment.

There are also some patterns that can both diminish and strengthen the color of clothing, such as colored plaid, colored stripes, polka dot pattern, etc., according to the different patterns and different uses on the clothing, there will be different effects on the color of clothing:.

women’s clothing patterns and pattern relationship

Women’s clothing patterns are subject to the constraints of clothing materials, only to find the right material, in order to produce the desired pattern as required. Various raw materials have different textures and properties, and the same pattern can produce different effects, such as the following small polka dots.

Some flowers are more suitable for cotton, linen, silk and other fabrics, while some are more suitable for leather and denim fabrics.

The selection of patterns also takes into account the influence of pigments, yarns, dyes and other material conditions, and all material factors are factors to be considered in advance when selecting women’s patterns based on style.

pattern blockiness, women’s style, and tone relationship

The greater the blockiness of the pattern, the greater the sense of style of the garment. The smaller the blockiness of the pattern, the smaller the sense of style of the garment can be.

(Note that it is possible, not necessary, the specific use of the actual design intention to determine)

Large block pattern + b bright tones = gorgeous large sense of style

Large block patterns + dp dark tones = dramatic large sense of style

Medium pattern + s strong tone = street medium volume style

Medium pattern +lt light color tone = romantic medium volume sense style

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