Fabric Samples and Swatches: How to Obtain and Use Them for Better Results

Fabric samples and swatches are an essential tool for fashion designers and makers. They allow you to test and evaluate different materials before committing to a particular fabric for your designs. Here's how to obtain and use fabric samples and swatches for better results.

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Obtaining Fabric Samples and Swatches

There are several ways to obtain fabric samples and swatches. One way is to visit a local fabric store and ask for samples of the materials you’re interested in. Many fabric stores offer samples for free or for a small fee.

Another way to obtain fabric samples is to order them online. Many fabric suppliers offer sample packs of their materials, which can be a convenient way to test out multiple fabrics at once. Some suppliers may charge a fee for samples, while others may offer them for free with a purchase.

Using Fabric Samples and Swatches

Once you have obtained fabric samples and swatches, there are several ways to use them to achieve better results in your fashion projects:

  1. Evaluate Fabric Quality: Use fabric samples to evaluate the quality of the materials. Look for factors such as durability, texture, drape, and color fastness.
  2. Test for Suitability: Test fabric swatches for suitability by using them to create small samples of your designs. This will allow you to see how the fabric behaves and looks when used in your particular design.
  3. Color Matching: Use fabric swatches to match colors accurately. This is especially important if you’re trying to match a specific color for a garment or accessory.
  4. Design Planning: Use fabric samples to plan your designs. This can involve draping fabric swatches over a mannequin or sketching out your design ideas using the swatches as reference.
  5. Fabric Combination: Use fabric samples to experiment with different fabric combinations. This can help you to create unique designs and achieve a more interesting overall look.


Obtaining and using fabric samples and swatches is an important part of the fashion design process. By evaluating fabric quality, testing for suitability, color matching, planning your designs, and experimenting with fabric combinations, you can achieve better results in your fashion projects.


Here are some frequently asked questions about fabric samples and swatches:

  1. How can I obtain fabric samples and swatches?

You can obtain fabric samples and swatches by visiting local fabric stores, ordering online from fabric suppliers, or attending trade shows.

  1. What are some ways to use fabric samples and swatches?

You can use fabric samples and swatches to evaluate fabric quality, test for suitability, color matching, plan your designs, and experiment with fabric combinations.

  1. How do I use fabric swatches to match colors accurately?

Hold the fabric swatch next to the color you’re trying to match and evaluate the color under different lighting conditions.

  1. Why is it important to test fabric for suitability?

Testing fabric for suitability allows you to see how it behaves and looks when used in your particular design, helping you to avoid potential problems down the line.

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