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Why Big Factory Alliances are the Future of Corporate Success

Big factory alliances are partnerships between two or more companies that combine their resources and capabilities to produce goods or services. Benefits include cost savings, increased efficiency, access to new markets, shared resources, increased innovation, and enhanced flexibility. Technology plays a crucial role in big factory alliances, enabling companies to share data, collaborate on projects, and manage their operations more efficiently. Best practices include alignment of goals and objectives, open communication, clear roles and responsibilities, transparency, and building trust.

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9 New Synthetic Fabrics For Apparel You need know in 2023

2023 As the new year is approaching, are you thinking of finding some new fabrics to go with your development plan for next year, here are 9 new fabrics, which are Tencel fiber .Sea Island fiber .Modal fiber.made fiber practicality.Acetate .Soy protein fiber.Bamboo fiber.Chrysalis Protein Fibe.Chitin fiber-natural polymer.Milk fleece – the most cost effective fleece fabric

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Basic knowledge of Roman Fabric

Roman cloth is four-way a cycle, the cloth surface is not ordinary double-sided cloth flat, slightly slight and not too regular horizontal stripes. Fabric horizontal and vertical elasticity are better, but the horizontal stretch performance is not as good as double-sided cloth, moisture absorption. Used for making intimate clothing, breathable, soft, comfortable to wear

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