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Revolutionizing Your Supply Chain: The Benefits of Sourcing Fabrics with a Fabric Trading Company

Sourcing fabrics is a critical part of the textile manufacturing process, and it can be challenging to find the right fabrics at the right prices. Working with a fabric trading company can help manufacturers streamline their supply chain, reduce costs, and access a wider range of fabrics. This article discusses the benefits of sourcing fabrics with a fabric trading company and how it can revolutionize your supply chain.

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Tips for Finding Quality Print Fabrics in Bulk for Fashion Businesses

As a fashion designer or clothing retailer, finding the right print fabric in bulk can be a daunting task. You want high-quality fabrics that will last, but you also want to keep costs down. How do you strike a balance? In this blog post, I will provide some tips on how to find the best print fabric in bulk for your business.

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4 keywords and 8 methodologies about How to do well in niche brands

A few decades ago, to be a clothing brand, even if the audience only accounts for a small part of the market share, the sales volume is very large, and the integration of the supply chain is also very easy.
The general trend in the apparel industry today is obvious.
The market pattern of big at both ends and small in the middle has been formed, with the middle market falling and niche consumption rising.

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2023 Holiday Print Trends

From brooding modern gothic prints to ocean-inspired prints, alternative trends are on the rise. As consumers continue to seek out solid pieces that can be worn for several seasons, take care to balance personalised designs with commercial favourites.

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2024 fashion trends

Dream Garden – Women’s Dresses Pattern Trends

Floral is an eternal theme in the design of dresses. Whether now or in the future, the floral element is a hot topic in the fashion circle, and designers will extract the available elements according to the market trends in each season, and design popular floral patterns through the combination of floral elements and trends to meet the current ones. Or through the abstract expression, the depiction of writing, the combination of flower varieties, the stitching of size, each different attempt and details of carving, can make the floral pattern in the fashion trend constantly flowing fresh blood.

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Innovation of digital patterns in clothing

The emergence of digital printing has provided a new way of thinking for textile fabric printing and has contributed to the rapid development of digital inkjet printing in textile fabric printing. This paper summarises the theory of digital printing technology and examines the innovative application of digital printing in garment design.

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digital design pattern

Classical pattern design and printing

Today there is a growing call for localised design. When we develop patterns, we can be internationally competitive if we can adapt traditional elements with classical culture and artistic connotations, combine them with modern aesthetics to create a new Chinese style, and combine them with digital printing techniques. The article uses the example of the pattern used in the Goblet Festival to illustrate how to grasp the characteristics of digital printing and summarise the design methods to provide a reference for the development of local culture in the design of clothing fabric patterns.

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