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Sustainability in Chinese garment manufacturing: Best practices and challenges

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the garment industry, with consumers demanding eco-friendly and ethically produced clothing. Chinese garment manufacturers are taking steps to adopt sustainable practices, but there are still challenges to overcome. In this article, we will explore best practices and challenges in sustainability in Chinese garment manufacturing.

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The Rise of Sustainable Fashion: How Trends are Shifting Towards Eco-Friendly Styles

In recent years, sustainable fashion has become a growing trend in the fashion industry. With consumers becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of their clothing choices, many brands are shifting towards eco-friendly and sustainable production methods. Here’s a look at how the rise of sustainable fashion is impacting the industry and shifting trends towards eco-friendly styles.

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Revolutionizing Your Supply Chain: The Benefits of Sourcing Fabrics with a Fabric Trading Company

Sourcing fabrics is a critical part of the textile manufacturing process, and it can be challenging to find the right fabrics at the right prices. Working with a fabric trading company can help manufacturers streamline their supply chain, reduce costs, and access a wider range of fabrics. This article discusses the benefits of sourcing fabrics with a fabric trading company and how it can revolutionize your supply chain.

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Revolutionizing Fashion: The Future of Technology-Infused Textiles

The fashion industry is increasingly turning to technology-infused textiles to promote sustainability and reduce its environmental impact. From recycled materials and smart textiles to 3D printing, innovations in sustainable fabrics and manufacturing processes are creating a more eco-friendly future for fashion. The adoption of circular economy models and the use of digital tools and software are also helping brands optimize their supply chains and reduce waste. As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more exciting developments in the world of sustainable fashion, leading to a more efficient and responsible industry.

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digital print

The double-sided digital reactive printing process

In digital printing, whether it is direct inkjet printing with disperse dyestuff on polyester fabrics, or transfer printing after printing, or inkjet printing on natural fibre fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk and wool, the industry generally adopts single-sided inkjet printing.   

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digital print

The development of China’s printing industry

The 30-year development process of China’s printing technology has seen a second leap forward, with frequent technical activities contributing to the technological progress of the printing industry. The article presents a few forward-looking thoughts on the development of fabrics, digital rod-ink printing and special printing.

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digital print

The use of printing and dyeing in design

By applying printing dyeing is applied to the design of garment fabrics, not only can the distinctive personality of the garment be fully displayed, but also can give the garment fabrics a deeper artistic technical connotation. Nowadays, garment fabric design and garment design have been more and more closely combined, and various kinds of fabric treatment techniques countless

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