18 kinds of common woven fabrics

Fabric is a big category, there are outdoor sports fabrics, there are also clothing fabrics, clothing fabrics according to different seasons and can be distinguished from hundreds of different specifications. Today, we will briefly introduce 18 kinds of common woven fabrics

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Chunya Textile

    Warp and weft are polyester DTY woven fabric, commonly known as “spring yarn”.

    It’s flat and smooth, light but firm and wear-resistant, good elasticity and gloss, no shrinkage, easy to wash, quick dry, good hand feel, spring yarn is only the name of a fabric type, belongs to the polyester class. English called PolyesterPongee.

PolyesterPongee is a kind of all-polyester product, after dyeing, finishing, processing, waterproof, anti-fleece, fire, cold, anti-static, matte, lamination and other functions, the main specifications are full elastic, semi-elastic, plain, twill, stripes, plaid, jacquard, etc.. The fabric is light, soft and lustrous, soft to the touch, and is the best product for down jacket, cotton jacket, jacket windbreaker, sports and leisure wear and other industrial materials.

Polyester taffeta

    The original refers to the woven plain weave fabric with both warp and weft polyester FDY, commonly known as “polyester taffeta”, also known as “taffeta”, “taffeta”. There will be manufacturers to warp and weft are polyester FDY woven twill fabric is called twill polyester taffeta.

    Also known as polyester silk spinning. English name: Polyestertaffeta, belongs to a kind of synthetic fiber, feel smooth, not sticky hands, elastic, bright and blinding luster, bright color, not easy to wrinkle, shrinkage rate of less than 5%, monofilament thickness, not easy to tear, ignition fiber, there are other odors.

Polyester silk spinning is composed of 100% polyester yarn, after dyeing, finishing, processing, waterproof, fire, stain, cold, anti-static, matte and other functions, the main specifications are plain, twill, stripes, plaid, jacquard, etc.. It is the best choice of clothing lining, lining as an important accessory material for clothing, it can make clothing with good conformability to give additional support for clothing, reduce the deformation of clothing and Zou, so that clothing more straight and flat, to achieve the best results.

Nylon spinning

    Woven plain fabric with both warp and weft directions of nylon FDY is commonly known as “nylon spinning”. There are also manufacturers who call the woven twill fabric with both warp and weft direction of nylon FDY as twill nylon fabric.

    Nylon spinning, also called nylon spinning, is a kind of spinning silk fabric made of nylon filament. According to the weight per square meter, it can be divided into medium-thick type (80g/㎡) and thin type (40g/㎡). Nylon spinning is composed of 100% nylon yarn, after dyeing, finishing, processing, waterproof, dust-proof, stain-proof, cold-proof, anti-static, moisture absorption, perspiration and other functions, the main specifications are plain, twill, stripes, plaid, jacquard, etc.. Feel fine, the fabric pattern is plain, the fabric is very delicate with nylon feel very soft is down, cotton, jacket windbreaker, sports and leisure wear, camping tents, sleeping bags of choice. Mainly used as men’s and women’s clothing fabric. Coated nylon spinning impermeable, impervious to water, and with down resistance, used as ski shirts, raincoats, sleeping bags, mountain climbing clothing fabrics. English name: nylontaffeta (nylonshioze).、


Woven fabric with polyester FDY in radial direction and polyester ATY in weft direction, commonly known as polyester taslon.

Taslon is a kind of nylon air-variable yarn product with the characteristics of cotton, the main specifications are plain, twill, plaid, inter-strip, jacquard, jacquard, dot, etc.. After dyeing, finishing and processing, it has the functions of water-proof, fire-proof, dust-proof, cold-proof, anti-toxic, anti-static, anti-Zou, lamination and so on. After dyeing and finishing, the fabric surface presents a unique style, which is the first choice for jacket windbreaker and sports and leisure wear. The English name: TASLON. strictly speaking, TASLON is 100% nylon, but there are also full polyester imitations.

Polyester nylon spinning

    It is a kind of interwoven product of nylon yarn and glossy polyester yarn, with diversified tissues and glittering variations, showing dazzling light under the glittering sunlight or colorful neon lights, rendering rich colors, after dyeing, finishing and processing, it is waterproof, anti-static and anti-fleece, etc. The main specifications include plain, coarse twill, fine twill, plaid, etc. It is the first choice fabric for home textile products, down jacket and jacket windbreaker.

Lightweight spinning

    Lightweight spinning has semi-lightweight and full-lightweight. Semi-lightweight is a 50D light yarn in the warp and a 50D filament in the weft. All-light is 50D light yarn in both warp and weft. Both are plain, generally 190T, 210T, 230T it is the best choice for garment lining.

Nylon cotton spinning

    Nylon yarn and cotton yarn are interwoven on air-jet loom, which is the ideal material for casual wear and fashion. The specifications include plain, twill, satin, matte, plaid, jacquard and other series. The fabric surface is bright and lustrous, smooth and full of hand feeling, mostly used in trench coats, cotton clothes, eggplant and other styles.

Polyester cotton

    Polyester cotton is made of polyester yarn as the warp and cotton yarn as the weft interwoven on the air jet loom, which is ideal for making casual wear and fashion. The specifications are plain, twill, satin, matte and other series. The fabric is lustrous, smooth and full, mostly used in trench coats, cotton clothes, eggplant and other styles.


    The warp is non-twisted FDY or DTY yarn, the weft is twisted DTY yarn (single twist direction or double twist direction), plain tissue, generally fine warp and thick weft. Common name: Hanayao


    Satin is the transliteration of satin, which means satin tissue. No matter what composition, what yarn count specification, as long as it is satin, can be collectively called satin. However, domestic manufacturers mostly refer to “five satin”.

    The specifications of satin are 50D*50D, 50D*75D, 75D*75D, 75*100D, 75*150D and so on. Mainly used for all kinds of women’s clothing, sleepwear fabric or underwear. The product has wide popularity, good glossy drape, soft hand feeling with simulation silk effect.

    Several kinds of common satin fabrics.

    1, no twist satin

a traditional fabric, the fabric warp polyester FDY large light 50D/24F, weft polyester DTY75D no network silk (twisted) as raw materials, using satin organization in the water jet loom interweaving, due to the warp silk using large light silk, so that the fabric has a charm, with light, soft, comfortable, luster and other advantages to occupy a place in the recent fabric market. This fabric can be dyed and printed at the same time. It can not only make casual fashion, pajamas and nightgown, but also be the ideal fabric for bedding, mattress and bedspread.

2、Stretch satin

    It is injected into the spandex silk fabric, which has aroused the interest of the southern businessmen and northerners. The fabric is made of polyester FDY large light 50D or DTY75D + spandex 40D as raw material, using satin organization in the air-jet loom interweaving, due to the warp and weft silk using large light silk, so that the fabric surface has a charm to light, soft, elastic, comfortable, luster and other advantages to occupy a place in the recent fabric market. The fabric is very wide in use, not only can make casual pants, sportswear, suits, etc., but also bed material. Both dyed fabric and printing, fabric garments are comfortable to wear, and quite popular.

3、Bamboo satin

    Adopt polyester FDY large light triangle shaped silk 75D; weft silk with 150D bamboo knotted silk as raw material, fabric satin change organization structure, woven by spray weaving process, apply single reduction treatment and environmental protection dyeing, product design novel use “large light silk” and “bamboo knotted silk “The fabric has the advantages of soft handfeel, comfortable wearing, durable and non-iron, bright luster, etc. It is not only suitable for making autumn ladies’ nine-quarter pants, casual sets, etc., but also one of the ideal fabrics for bedding and household decoration. The fabric has won the hearts of foreign trade garment manufacturers with its unique style charm, and is mainly used to accept export orders.

    In addition, we also have non-twisted satin, twisted satin, simulated silk stretch satin, matted stretch satin, etc., and various deep processing products such as satin printing, embossing, hot stamping and folding. The products are suitable for garments, shoes, bags, home textiles, handicrafts, etc.


    The name comes from France (georgette), the composition can be divided into mulberry silk and polyester simulation silk, warp and weft yarn using S twist and Z twist two different twist direction of the strong twist yarn, according to 2S, 2Z (two left and two right) arranged between, interwoven with plain tissue, the fabric warp and weft density is very small. The fabric style is mostly warp and weft sparse, rough and wrinkled.


    The name comes from the French CHIFFE sound meaning, similar to the chiffon, many times chiffon and chiffon share the name, the difference is that the chiffon fabric surface is smooth without wrinkles, there are also wrinkles; chiffon is generally wrinkled.

    “Chiffon” is a textile process! Is a strong twist crepe warp, crepe weft weaving fabric a process! Classification there are real silk chiffon and simulation silk chiffon.

    A, simulation silk chiffon general composition of 100% polyester (chemical fiber class), its famous representative is georgette!

    Texture characteristics: thin, soft, natural drape, good skin feeling (of course, these are only appearance characteristics, in how to imitate, but also not on the real silk chiffon so good), but the simulation of silk chiffon because it is pure chemical fiber, it is not easy to wash more decolorization, not afraid of exposure to the sun, easy to take care of (machine washable), firmness is also better.

   B, silk chiffon composition is 100% mulberry silk (natural fiber class), the appearance of those characteristics above, in addition and long-term wear on human skin is very good, cool and breathable, moisture absorption, these are the simulation of silk chiffon can not reach.

    But there are some aspects of silk chiffon is also unable to catch up with the simulation of silk chiffon, such as: after washing more easily gray light, can not be exposed to the sun (will be yellow), care is very troublesome (need to hand wash), solidity is not good (easy to taut yarn, the seam is easy to tear).

Memory fabric

    Both warp and weft are twisted polyester modified fiber PTT woven fabric with form memory function, which has the characteristics of non-iron and easy care. If the radial direction or weft direction is twisted PTT, and the other direction is general polyester, nylon, cotton, silk and other fibers, it is called semi-memory; if the warp and weft are not PTT, but they are twisted and have the appearance style of memory fabric, but do not have the function of form memory, it can be called imitation memory fabric.

    The “memory” function fabric is made of plastic fiber and nylon fiber compound. By increasing the friction of the fiber surface, the treated shape is retained and the fiber seems to have a “memory” function. Figuratively speaking, this new type of fabric will have wrinkles after being grasped by hand, but then disappear after smoothing, which is very much like the human memory function. Of course, the price of memory fabric is also very expensive.

    “Memory” is actually PTT fiber, a new fiber invented by Shell and DuPont, which is widely used and will replace polyester and nylon in a big way.

    Memory fiber fabric (shapememory) is another innovative field of casual popular fabrics, following Tencel and metallic silk, which was launched in Korea. At present, the domestic memory fabrics are imported, mainly polyester.

    One: memory fabric (ShapeMemory): imported polyester memory fiber, memory fabric. Memory fiber 75D. with its bright appearance, comfortable feel, good crease effect and recovery ability to become one of the most up-to-date international fabrics, its a caress that flattened the performance of the product to achieve the effect of completely free of ironing.

    Existing specifications: plain twill double-color varieties, with the double-color effect as the main product.

    Second: Finishing process: environmental protection dyeing, water splashing, Teflon, hot stamping, silver coating, printing, P/A, P/U transparent glue, white glue processing, high water pressure resistant leather film, wet and dry breathable moisture permeable glue, T/PU breathable film.

    Three: Main uses: functional outdoor sportswear, racing wear, brand ready-to-wear, down jacket, raincoat, jacket, sportswear, casual wear, handbag, luggage, sleeping bag, tent, bedding, etc.

    But from the current trend, it is mainly used for brand ready-to-wear, jackets, sportswear and casual wear. Domestic enterprises produce such varieties of fabrics, or rely on imported polyester yarns mainly.

Imitation memory fabric

    The new product adopts polyester FDY75D/144F memory silk as raw material, and after twisting, it is woven on water jet machine with unique technology and first-class dyeing and finishing technology, especially through fabric embossing, its fabric appearance is fresh and uncommon, and its quality is impeccable.     Its cloth width of 150cm, suitable for the production of women’s fashion, suits, dresses and other clothing, into the body not only gorgeous and elegant, but also show attractive charm. The memory cloth has become a highlight, mainly due to the beauty of the appearance, good quality, followed by a non-iron memory function. Nowadays, the people who want goods are incessantly, mostly to choose the sample to order goods. After the trend is more smooth.

Metallic wire fabric

    Metallic wire fabric (matelsilkfabric) is mainly made of polyester-cotton, nylon cotton, nylon polyester and cotton metallic wire fabric, the content of metallic wire is generally around 5%, which has started to come to the market in the past two years.

    Metal wire fabric is generally cotton and polyester or nylon accounting for more than 90%, the rest of the ingredients for metal wire. Metal wire fabric refers to a kind of high-grade fabric formed by metal implanted into metal fiber by high-tech wire drawing treatment, the overall fabric, metal wire accounts for about 3% to 8%, generally the same level of technology, the higher the proportion of metal wire accounted for the more expensive.

    Because of the implantation of metal wire, the overall color of the fabric is bright, and if there is a metallic light, it can reflect the unique luster of metal. But it should be noted that the characteristics of metal wire fabric is not only in the metallic luster, but also has static electricity, with radiation protection and other functions, more conducive to the regulation of various aspects of the body.


    1. Using metallic wire interwoven with polyester and nylon filaments, the surface of the fabric has a metallic luster, faintly shining and changing with the light source.

    2. Metal filaments have special rigidity and bending variable, so the fabric has a special variable form memory crease effect.     3. The fabric has the functional effect of health concept such as anti-radiation and anti-static


    Woven chemical fiber suede is mainly made of sea island silk as the warp or weft yarn, and the dyeing and finishing process is done by reducing the amount of fiber to remove the sea part, leaving the island part, and finally the process of grinding to make it have the effect of natural suede fabric. It can also be used as the raw material of sea island silk, woven by the warp knitting machine to make the warp knitting suede, feel better, better drapability.

    The biggest drawback of suede is that the color fastness of dark fabrics is generally not very good, but can be improved by high fastness dyes and other auxiliaries and processes to do washing color fixing treatment.

    Suede is a kind of polyester chemical fiber products, with waterproof, anti-Zou, cold, fit and other functions. The main specifications include warp, weft, double weft, etc. The fabric has a strong sense of velvet and fall, and the novel finishing technology and popular colors give the dresser a sense of offbeat, which is a good material for trench coats, jackets, fashionable winter clothes and decorative packaging.

    Because of the above characteristics, the fabric is suitable for manufacturing men and women’s fashion jacket, high-grade casual cotton jacket, casual down jacket, which can show more elegant, noble, romantic temperament and taste after wearing.

    Metallic wire fabric is the most popular functional fabric with natural memory crease and anti-static, which is woven into the fabric without embroidery, so that it will have a very good anti-bright effect after being made into a garment, especially in the sunlight and light is obvious.

    Application: metal wire fabric not only has the luster of metal, but also has the shape, noble and gorgeous, and the fabric has the function of conductive shielding, so it is widely used in scientific research, military high science and electronics, medical industry, etc., with high added value.

Oxford fabric

    Oxford cloth is a new type of fabric with various functions and a wide range of uses, and is mainly available in the market at present: lattice, full elastic, nylon, lattice and other varieties.

    1、Oxford cloth with lattice: specially used for making various kinds of bags

The fabric warp and weft threads are made of polyester FDY150D/36F. The fabric is interwoven in the water jet loom with the application of plain weave organization, the warp and weft density is 360X210, the blank is treated with relaxation, alkali, dyeing, anti-static, coating, etc. It has the advantages of thin texture, soft hand, good water resistance, good durability, etc.

    2、Nylon oxford fabric.

    The fabric adopts 210D/420D nylon yarn for warp and 210D/420D nylon yarn for weft. The fabric is made of plain weave structure, and the product is woven by water jet. After dyeing and coating process, the fabric has the advantages of soft handfeel, strong drape, novel style and waterproof performance, etc. The fabric has the effect of nylon silk luster sensation. Because of its excellent quality and novel style, it is loved by users. Its cloth width is 150cm, the fabric is based on the market with the advantages of no fading and no deformation.

    3、All-elastic Oxford cloth: mainly for making luggage

    The fabric warp and weft yarns are made of polyester DTY300D yarns, which are interwoven on the water jet tap loom with coarse point change through hollow organization. After the fabric is relaxed and refined, pre-shaped, alkali reduction, soft and fixed, the reverse side of the fabric is then rubberized polyester layer. Its weave pattern is delicate, soft luster, good water resistance, the product is made of luggage is to dress up the ladies pursuing fashionable and trendy pet. Its fabric door width 150cm.

    4、Tigue Oxford cloth: mainly make all kinds of bags

    The fabric warp wire is made of polyester DTY400D network wire, weft wire is made of polyester DTY wire 400D. It adopts lattice tissue texture and is interwoven on the water jet (with tap) loom. The design of the fabric is novel and unique. The front side of the fabric has a strong sense of three-dimensionality, which is the most prominent part of the fabric, and the reverse side of the fabric is coated with PU technology, which makes it more waterproof and better draping. The width of the fabric is 150cm.

Taslon Oxford Fabric

    The fabric adopts 70D/5 nylon yarn for the warp and 500D nylon air change yarn for the weft. The fabric is made of plain weave structure and is woven by air jet. After dyeing and coating process, the fabric has the advantages of soft handfeel, strong drape, novel style and waterproof performance, etc. The fabric has nylon silk luster sensory effect. Because of its excellent quality and novel style, it is loved by users. Its cloth width is 150cm, and the fabric is based on the market with the advantages of no fading and no deformation.

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